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16 Nov

4 benefits of installing a tankless water heater for energy efficiency

With a tankless water heater, hot water is instant and continuous. Tankless hot water heaters are also more energy efficient and last longer. They do cost more than a traditional hot water heater, but the money saved through better energy savings pays that cost back overtime. 

Tankless hot waters do not use a storage tank. When hot water is turned on, cold water flows through a heat exchange unit — either a natural gas burner or an electric element — heating the water through a constant supply. The average tankless water heater provides two to five gallons of hot water every minute.

Here are four benefits of upgrading your home to a tankless hot water heater.

1. Better energy efficiency

When the hot water is not on, the tankless hot water heater is essentially off and uses no energy. This is dramatically more efficient than a traditional tank. In fact, an ENERGY STAR-qualified tankless hot water heater uses 25 to 40 percent less energy than a conventional unit. This saves the average home hundreds of dollars per year. 

2. Continuous, instant hot water 

Few things are as annoying as stepping into the shower only to be blasted with cold water. This can be a common problem in large family households. 

The beauty of a tankless hot water heater is you have continuous, instant hot water — providing you install the right size tank. You can also run multiple appliances at once and still take that relaxing, hot shower.

It’s best to talk to a HVAC specialist about what size of tankless hot water heater is right for you and your home. 

3. Long lasting with fewer repair issues

Another reason tankless hot water heaters are the greener alternative is their lifespan. 

A conventional hot water heater lasts 10 to 15 years. But a tankless hot water heater can last 20 years or more. They also require very little upkeep.

4. Better for the environment

Not only are tankless hot water heaters more energy efficient and last longer than conventional water heaters, but most propane-fired tankless water heaters are made of recycled materials. This makes them better for the environment. 


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