Benefits of using water Sub-Metering in rental units

Sub-Metering is a great way to conserve water in rental units. Sub-Metering allows landlords and property owners the ability to measure each tenants’ water usage and bill them accordingly. This practice can drive down the cost of water for both the property owner and the tenant.

Not only is sub-metering a cost benefit, it is also an environmental benefit. By incentivizing your tenants to use less water by bringing down their individual cost, less water is used.

What is Sub-Metering?

When a property owner decides to start sub-metering units, a metering device is installed into each rental unit. The individual devices read and track water usage within each unit. This allows the property owner to accurately bill each tenant for their water usage. The sub-meter essentially provides an incentive for property owners to install, since there is a high likelihood a renter will use less water if they are billed for high water consumption.

Proper installation of a water Sub-Metering system

Sub-meters can be installed in both new and existing rental units, although it is more cost effective to install them during the new construction process. Retrofitting existing systems can also be time consuming to both the installer and the tenant.

Only properly trained and licensed plumbers should install these systems, as improperly installed sub-meters can result in inaccurate billing and potential water damage.

Plumbers 911 can refer you to a local licensed plumbing contractor, who has experience installing these units and can show you the best processes to monitor your sub-meters.

Why Should You Call Us?

We have expert plumbers, who are accredited professionals throughout the United States.

Our licensed and experienced plumbers regularly attend training courses, in order to update their skillset and to make them knowledgeable on the latest techniques and technologies in the plumbing industry. Affiliated Plumbers 911 plumbers must pass a thorough background check and undergo random drug tests before working inside homes.

When you call Plumbers 911, you will be referred to one of our well-trained contractors who will provide high quality and efficient work, leaving you satisfied with your ability to monitor the water consumption of your tenants. Contact us for installation of you sub-metering system.

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