Plumbers 911 - Benefits of sub-metering your rental units
24 Mar

Benefits of sub-metering your rental units

Landlords who want to increase their income should focus on ways to reduce utility costs. They should take advantage of a lucrative opportunity if they consider submetering. Having a professional plumbing contractor affiliated with Plumbers 911 start the submetering process. 


What Is Submetering?

Submetering is putting individual utility meters between the main meter and each dwelling on a property. Because of this setup, property owners can get reliable information on how much utility consumption each unit is using. This allows specific utility expenses between the units in a multi-family building, HOA or development.

Landlords, please note that submetering requires you to contact licensed contractors for each utility service you intend to divide. Plumbers 911 is a network of qualified local plumbing contractors who can submeter the water lines in your rental properties.


How Submetering Reduces Utility Costs for Landlords

Submetering Encourages Smart Energy Choices

When utilities are paid as part of the rent or as a flat monthly price, tenants have no incentive to limit their usage.

If you have installed submetering, your tenants can track their monthly utility consumption and be held accountable and pay for what they use. This means they are more likely to reduce their monthly consumption.

You and your renters can get a precise read on water use when a plumbing contractor from Plumbers 911 performs submetering.


Submetering Provides Detailed Usage Data

Submetering gives you access to more in-depth water usage data, which shows how each rental consumes water. It allows you to spot any trends or outliers in your usage month-to-month, better equipping you to identify and address problems and when to call Plumbers 911 to have a local contractor quickly fix these problems.


Why Detailed Usage is Important


Submetering Alerts you to Possible Leaks Fast

Spikes in usage, a common sign of leakage, can be easily identified with access to real-time, unit-specific utility information. Finding the source of the leak and pinpointing the damaged units is a breeze.  Once you have determined which unit has the plumbing issue, contact Plumbers 911, and a local, professional contractor will send a technician out to address the problem quickly.


Submetering Allows you to Make Informed Improvements

Detailed utility usage data from submeters empowers you to make informed improvements to your building. With each unit metered, you can spot water usage trends in your property.

For example, one unit might be using more water than the others; after monitoring the situation and speaking to the tenants, the problem might be a hidden leak in a pipe or toilet. 

A technician employed by one of the licensed and bonded contractor members of Plumbers 911 will be able to find and address the issue, saving your tenant money and keeping the water damage from spreading.


Contact Plumbers 911 to Find a Professional Contractor Near You

Take control of your rental units’ water consumption, and have submetering installed by a professional contractor member of Plumbers 911. One of our licensed plumbing professionals in your area will be more than happy to help you.

Our contractors only employ licensed plumbers who are highly trained and fully vetted. They are drug tested, insured and bonded.

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