10 Mar

Are touchless kitchen faucets really worth the cost?

Automatic, hands-free or sensor faucets (also known as touchless faucets) can be an excellent addition to kitchens or bathrooms. These high-tech plumbing fixtures can improve your home’s health and convenience since they lack traditional faucet handles that collect germs.

The sensor-controlled touchless faucet makes turning the water on and off effortless. They’ve been used in public bathrooms for a while, especially since COVID-19, and now they’re starting to make appearances in people’s homes, too.

Consider the following benefits of no-touch faucets to help you decide if they’re suitable for your home. Contact Plumbers 911 to be referred to a local contractor that will send a skilled technician to install your new fixture.


Save money and water

Touchless faucets are more water-efficient than standard faucets since they switch on and off automatically. People often forget to turn off the water while washing their hands, brushing their teeth, or even playing in the sink, but no-touch faucets help solve this problem.

Automatically turning water off and on also saves money while conserving water. This makes touchless faucets a perfect option for homes with young children who are notorious for leaving the water running.

The average price for touchless faucets ranges from about $150 to $300. On the higher end of the scale, these faucets can communicate with other smart home devices, making them more costly than standard touch faucets. Bathroom touch faucets are more reasonably priced than kitchen faucets because they don’t have to accommodate additional plumbing hookups, such as those for a dishwasher. 

Have a local contractor affiliated with Plumbers 911 come to your home to install a touchless faucet that saves water and money. These modern, touchless faucets are also more environmentally friendly than traditional faucets.


Touchless faucets can minimize the spread of disease

Keep in mind that cleanliness is vital in both the kitchen and the bathroom. The faucet handle is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. When washing our hands, the risk of spreading germs increases every time we use a restroom sink.

Germs and bacteria can survive on a handle even if you wash your hands after using the restroom or preparing food. Using hands-free technology, no-touch faucets minimize the potential for contact with germs, minimizing the risk of transmitting germs and keeping the home cleaner and your family healthy.


Touchless faucets are convenient

There is a wide range of designs of no-touch faucets that include features like temperature control to prevent burns. They are helpful for the elderly and children. Touchless faucets are a great alternative to traditional sink fixtures for those with limited dexterity, cognitive impairment or memory. They are also simple to clean and easy to maintain.

Touchless faucets are an excellent choice for many homes, especially those with older or younger family members. Plumbers 911 can refer a contractor to install a touchless faucet in your home today.


Are touchless faucets really worth it? 

There are always drawbacks to consider with the benefits, and this is especially true when it comes to modernizing your home. 

One of the first things you’ll notice about restaurants with touchless faucets is the identical problem you’ll see at home. Perhaps you’ve experienced it already.

Sometimes, touchless faucets do not recognize your hand and have a hard time turning on or they shut off when hands are still in the way.

Another problem is the battery to the sensor in your touchless faucet no longer powers up the unit. This is a relatively easy fix, but it might not be something you, as a homeowner, want to deal with.  These are some of the drawbacks you must consider when deciding to switch to a touchless faucet, and weigh them against the potential long-term cost savings and water conservation that come with a touchless faucet. 

A final consideration for you as a homeowner is whether the higher upfront costs are worth the potential savings generated by having your water turn off and on automatically and limiting the potential spread of germs.


Why wait? Install a touchless faucet today.

You have read the pros and cons of installing a touchless faucet in your home and how a contractor affiliated with Plumbers 911 is your best installation choice. Make the switch to a more water-efficient and less germy home now.


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