Plumbers 911 emergency gas system repairs
17 Feb

Warning Signs about Leaks in your Gas Heating System

Natural gas systems heat millions of households and are one of the cheapest heating solutions on the market today. However, if not properly maintained, these systems can catch fire. Gas leaks are responsible for about 4,000 building fires per year. 

Seals on natural gas pipes can deteriorate due to weather and corrosion. A house can easily catch fire if natural gas leaks into the living quarters due to a bad seal or a broken pipe. Any action that creates a spark, such as switching on an electrical appliance, might cause damaging fire.

If you are thinking about installing a natural gas system to heat your home, make sure that you do your research. There are several pros and cons to installing a natural gas system, and Plumbers 911 has trained professionals who are happy to assist you or your family.

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, read on for some unmistakable indicators and urgent instructions on what to do if you ever detect or believe there is a gas leak. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

If you suspect a gas leak in your house, you can contact a trained professional through Plumbers 911. They will be at your home as quickly as possible and ensure you and your family are safe while they quickly and professionally make any repairs your home might need. 


Possible Gas Leak Warning Signs

Natural gas has no odor, but the gas company typically adds a scent like rotten eggs to the gas os it is more noticeable. You should immediately evacuate your house if you detect the smell of sulfur or rotting eggs; it’s the most common sign of a gas leak.

On occasion, the line itself may make a hissing or whistling noise. Look for dust or white mist around the gas line. Dead houseplants are also a sign of a gas leak in your home. 

Common health symptoms related to gas leaks are trouble breathing, nose bleeds, nausea and getting sleepy or fainting. 


Instructions for Responding to a Gas Leak in the House

If you smell gas, leave the building immediately and head to a safe location. 

Before leaving, do not use cell phone or landlines; these might start a fire. Do not switch on any appliances, including lights or the stove, which might ignite a spark. Just leave the lights on if they are already on. Also, stay away from all outlets. 

Please do not touch your thermostat, ignore the doorbell and walk away from your home. To report a gas leak, Dial 911 as soon as you are away from the danger zone.


Call Plumbers 911 to Find a Professional

If the fire department has safely shut the gas off, you can Call Plumbers 911. If there is a leak in your gas lines, our professional plumbers can inspect and repair them. They will examine your existing gas line and pipes and advise you on what needs to be done to get everything back up and running.

All our contractors employ licensed plumbers who are highly trained and fully vetted. They are drug tested, insured and bonded. Find a trusted Plumbers 911 licensed plumber in your area today!