Plumbers 911 - Should I Move Our Kitchen Sink?
05 Feb

Should I Move Our Kitchen Sink?

Is it a good idea to relocate your kitchen sink? Many homeowners regularly wonder about this very thing. You might enjoy it if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, doing dishes or both.

Put it at the window if you want to enjoy the scenery or rearrange the layout to better suit your needs. These are just some reasons you would want to move your kitchen sink.


Is my Kitchen Remodel the Best Time to Move my Sink?

If you and your family are considering a kitchen remodel, that is the best time to begin thinking about your new sink location. 

Many moving parts take place during a kitchen remodel. Make the process as easy for you as possible by contacting one of the contractors that are a part of Plumbers 911.

Plumbers 911 is a network of contractors that are licensed, bonded and insured.  Plumbers 911 has a local contractor who would be happy to discuss your upcoming kitchen remodel and your ideas. 


Why do you need professional help to move your sink

When planning a plumbing redesign, a professional plumber can advise you on the best way to relocate a sink. When redoing a kitchen, keeping the “footprint,” or general layout, the same (L-shape, U-shape, etc.) is essential.

For instance, if your sink is now to the left of your dishwasher but you prefer it on the right, there is a good chance it can be switched without disrupting the plumbing. 

It would be best if you talked to an expert plumber like those referred through Plumbers 911 to make these adjustments. Because of their training, they can make your dream kitchen a reality.


Plumbing Considerations During a Kitchen Remodel

Hot and cold-water supply

Hot and cold running water must be available near your kitchen sink. Sometimes, these lines can be used to connect your dishwasher to your sink’s plumbing. 

To determine what plumbing changes or upgrades are required to relocate your sink, a professional plumber can examine your home’s current system.


Don’t forget about wastewater

The drain in your kitchen sink also must be connected to a sewer line. This is where the dirty, used water is dumped. Since these are usually put at a gradient, extending them can be difficult if you need to relocate your kitchen sink or piping.

Do you know what that means or how to do it?  Chances are, probably not, but the affiliated contractors you are working with from Plumbers 911 are ready to help. They will know what possibilities are available and the changes that you need to make.


Trust a professional contractor from Plumbers 911 to complete your kitchen remodel


No one wants to waste time or money on a kitchen remodel, which is why it is essential to hire a professional contractor like those referred by Plumbers 911They can discuss your ideas and provide expert guidance.

All our Affiliated Contractors employ Licensed Plumbers who are highly trained and fully vetted. They are drug tested, insured and bonded. Find a Plumbers 911 affiliated plumbing contractor in your area today!