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13 Jan

How to wrap and winterize pipes to prevent them from freezing

A burst pipe could easily cost you around $4,000 in water damage and repair fees. Are your pipes protected from freezing in the cold this winter?

During cold weather, pipes can freeze and potentially burst. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to winterize your pipes, including wrapping them in insulation.

Here is what you can to do to winterize your pipes and prevent them from freezing.


Insulate your pipes

Insulate any pipes located in an attic, crawl space or basement with pipe insulation. The pipe’s material can determine what kind of insulation you need to use. Wrap any plastic pipes with automatic heat tape. Other types available include foam, PE foam and rubber-based insulation.

You can hire a professional plumber like the contractors of Plumbers 911 to insulate your pipes.


Always keep your home at least 65 degrees

You should always keep your home heated to at least 65 degrees, even if you are going away for a while. The internal heat can prevent your pipes from freezing. If you plan to be away, you can lower the temperature past what you consider comfortable but maintain a mild temperature in the winter.


Let faucets drip in the kitchen and bathroom

During a heavy freeze, it’s a good idea to let faucets drip to prevent the water from freezing in the line. The continual motion will prevent a freeze, no matter the temperature outside.


Know where your main water shut-off is and label it

Know where to access your main water shut-off valve. Label it and instruct other family members how to shut it off. If you should find yourself with a burst pipe, you’ll need to be able to shut off the water quickly to minimize damage.


What to do if your pipes freeze

If your pipes freeze, call a licensed plumber. They will need to quickly thaw the water in your pipes to prevent them from bursting.

They may try to thaw the pipes with a portable heater, hair dryer, heat lamps or heat pads. Pouring hot water over towels wrapped around the frozen pipe can also be effective.


What to do if your pipes burst

If a pipe bursts, shut off the water coming to the home. This will minimize the damage.

Call a licensed plumber right away. They will need to replace the pipe. You will also need to clean up any water and prevent mold from growing.


Need help with frozen or burst pipes? Call Plumbers 911

If you need help with a frozen or burst pipe, call Plumbers 911. You will be connected to a local licensed plumber who can thaw or fix your burst pipe.

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