Plumbers 911 - Boiler or Water Heater?
22 Nov

Boiler or water heater, which is better?

There are two main ways of heating the water in your home – a water heater or a boiler.

Boilers are typically found in older homes, and electric or gas water heaters are more commonly found in modern homes.

An electric or gas heater works by using either electricity or gas to ignite a flame in the tank. Once ignited, the flame heats the surrounding water. Electric or gas water heaters provide hot water throughout the home. Uses include showers, dish washers and laundry machines. 

A boiler, on the other hand, has multiple uses. Boilers heat water for appliances and to heat your home.

To provide heated water, a boiler acts similar to a water heater. Gas or an electric source heats water within the boiler, which is then ready to be used by your various appliances and fixtures. 

Boilers can also be a source of heat for your home. The boiler creates steam and disperses it throughout the home via a radiator or other means. For instance, a boiler is used to heat the floor in a radiant heating system.

When deciding if you should install a boiler or water heater, take into consideration the space that you have available. A water heater will take up much less space than a boiler.

There are many factors to consider when deciding to install a boiler or hot water heater, such as simplicity of controls, how the boiler or water heater will be powered and what uses you will have for the steam or heated water.

Plumbers 911 can refer you to a reliable plumbing contractor in your area to help you decide which is best for you, a boiler or water heater. Plumbers 911 can also refer you to a contractor, who can provide inspection and maintenance to a boiler or water heater.