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19 Jul

Clogged Drain? When you need to call a plumber

We’ve all experienced the horror of the toilet water rising, rising, rising … 

If you’re lucky, this horror can be averted by some fast thinking and a plunger. Tragically, sometimes that isn’t enough. 

Not quite as disgusting as the overflowing toilet is the clogged shower or bathtub drain. It happens slowly at first. Then one morning, you’re standing in three inches of murky water wondering what happened. You may have a similar experience with a bathroom or kitchen sink. 

Why are my drains clogged? 

The main cause of a clogged kitchen sink is the mixture of food from the disposal and the buildup of congealed grease, oils, and fat from washing or rinsing your dishes. This thick paste of food and gunk will stop waterflow and back up your sink.  

In your bathroom, it’s hair, soap, toothpaste, conditioner, and other body products that build up and clog the sink or tub drain. These can prove difficult to remove as well. 

When calling a plumber is your only solution

While these clogs can occasionally be fixed with common do-it-yourself methods such as plungers, snakes or drain cleaners, there are times a clog doesn’t budge. Only professional intervention will save you. The truth is DIY methods like drain chemicals and plungers are only temporary.

If you are tired of wasting time and money on temporary fixes for drain problems, call Plumbers 911 for a true solution. We’ll quickly connect you to a licensed, insured, bonded and experienced plumber. 

Our professional plumbers can snake out your drains or sewer lines freeing up pipes so the water flows beautifully again. Relief is only a phone call away! 

Plumbing is funny. When it’s working properly, you almost forget it exists. But when a toilet erupts over the bathroom floor, nothing else seems more important.  

The next time the water’s rising, rising, rising… call Plumbers 911. We’re the solution for all your plumbing needs.