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Frozen Pipes ConnecticutFrozen pipes are common during freezing winter season. With heaps of snow and low temperature, pipes gets severely damaged over time and if left unchecked, they become a huge problem. The harsh Connecticut weather brings so much harm to pipe systems of every home and facility. Do note though that pipes do not suddenly burst, but it is a result of normal deterioration of elements and continual exposure to freezing temperature making them brittle and prone to bursting.

There are so many ways to tell if your pipes are frozen. You should be on the lookout for the following signs to see if your pipes are frozen or are still in the process of freezing:
  • Damp walls – When the pipes on your walls are constantly leaking, the signs of water will show up on your wall.
  • Bad odor inside your home – This is a surefire way to tell that there is something wrong with your pipes. The strong smell of sewage is often noticeable and this simply means that there is something backing up within your pipe system. This normally happens on the lower level part of your home.
  • Unusual sounds – Once you hear strange sounds, check it immediately as it could be caused by damaged pipes or poor water flow.
  • Constant clogs and other plumbing problems – If you have been consistently dealing with clogged drains and toilets, then you could have a bigger pipe system issue to deal with.
These are just some of the signs to a bigger problem within your pipe system. The best way to address this is to contact a licensed Connecticut plumber immediately before the problem gets worse.

The Cold Connecticut Weather Damages Your Pipes

If you are living in any city in Connecticut, it is a must that your pipes, especially the ones outside, to be insulated. This is essential as when the temperatures drop below zero, your pipes become more susceptible to freezing. A lot of extra pressure builds up in pipes, even in metal ones, when the water inside it starts to freeze. This scenario causes sudden burst when the pipes are no longer able to withstand the added pressure. Once this happens, the water will reach everything near the bursting incident and continue to run down to the lower part, usually the basement, soaking everything it possibly can. This leads to further damage including structural damage. The licensed techs in Connecticut are trained enough to quickly locate and repair the pipe problem to ensure that the problem gets fixed the soonest possible time.

Broken pipes cause Mold that Endangers Your family

Plumbers 911 has a network of training technicians in Connecticut all capable of handling plumbing emergencies and quickly responds to any plumbing mishap. This becomes even more important in times of bursting pipes. When the water from the burst pipes follows the natural flow of gravity towards your basement, it will most likely cause more structural damage if not fixed immediately. This structural damage may cause a more concerning problem to you family’s health: mold growth. According to the Center for Disease Control, mold growth causes a variety of health issues, such as:
  • Throat irritation
  • Stuffy nose
  • Coughing
  • Eye irritation
  • Wheezing
  • Skin rashes
It is highly recommended that broken pipes get fixed immediately to ensure that further structural damage and mold growth is prevented.

My Pipes Broke, What Will I do?

Frozen and Burst Pipes | Connecticut PlumbersThis is common in this cold weather. The first thing to do is call a licensed plumber so someone can come and address the issue professionally. While waiting, it normally takes an hour after your call with Plumbers 911, shut off your water valve immediately. Any added water pressure may cause more damage to your pipes leading to more water damage. The plumber from our network will immediately fix the problem as soon as he arrives. If you are suspecting a frozen pipe, follow the same steps above. This is way easier and cheaper to fix as there is no water damage yet. Our plumbing techs are well trained and all capable of spotting frozen pipes quickly. They are equipped with the right tools to unfrozen pipes to ensure that the proper flow of water gets normalized immediately. During the service, we will properly insulate your pipes to lower the risk of them freezing again. We have the best techniques and practices to ensure that the freezing incident does not happen again.

Save Your Pipes by Not Scrimping on Heating

With the already freezing temperature, it is just common sense to lower down the heat in your home. However, plumbing professionals are clearly against this. It is a must that keeping your thermostat up prevents pipes from freezing as well. Always keep in mind the long term savings you will incur. The cost of the damage vary, depending on the severity of the burst pipe. Most of the time, it is not only the pipes needing replacement, but also the furniture, appliances, walls, and floors affected by the water damage. Instead of thinking of the heating costs, think about the amount you’ll be spending on water damage and if you change everything in your home.

Plumbers 911 Offers 24/7 Emergency Plumber Service

Frozen and broken pipes should not be taken lightly. When it happens to a home, normal day to day activities are put on hold. The contractors in our network live in the same area as yours so they can give support and help immediately. While some think that the smartest way is to do things themselves, calling a licensed plumbing expert in Connecticut is still the way to go. They have more experience and are well equipped to address even the most complex plumbing problem. These professionals know what is best for you and your home as they are from the same area. They can ensure that your plumbing problem is fixed the soonest possible time without sacrificing quality. With Plumbers 911, there is no big or small pipe issue. Every pipe is important to us! Give us a call right away and we will provide you quick and friendly service we are known for.]]>