Gas Leaks

Let a Licensed Connecticut Plumber Handle Your Gas Leaks 

Keep your home and family safe in Connecticut with frequent gas system inspection

Connecticut Gas Leaks RepairMore than 50% of American homes use natural gas for various plumbing appliances such as water heaters, stoves, and many others. It is a fact that natural gas is one of the cleanest and safest form of energy, still, misuse of it can be extremely dangerous. If you are suspecting a gas leak in your home, it is best to call Plumbers 911 immediately to ensure your family safety. Plumbers 911 will immediately send experienced technicians, all trained well to look for hotspots for gas leaks, and capable of fixing the situation efficiently in a quick manner. A gas leak usually happens when the gasket or fitting is not properly fitted on the appliance. The gas escapes the gas line and flows into you home. If you are suspecting a gas leak, we are urging you not to touch any electrical switches and leave your home immediately. While it is a fact that natural gas is one of the cleanest and safest form of energy, it is highly explosive and could cause major permanent damage to the homeowner and the house itself. The smartest approach to this is calling a professional plumber to address the gas leak quickly.

How to Know if You Need a Licensed Plumber for a Gas Leak

There are several foolproof ways to identify a gas leak. One noticeable way is the smell. Natural gases has added smell to make gas leaks easier to detect since naturally, it is odorless. Its smell can be compared to a “rotten egg”. Once you smell this, immediately leave your home. Another way to detect gas leak is the hissing sound around your appliances. This is basically gas escaping from the gas line. This is apparent danger and has to be addressed immediately. Our advice? Do not fix the gas leak yourself, call a professional technician as soon as possible. It is also worth noting that the plant life located near a gas leak are affected when there is any. They normally wither and eventually die when there is a gas leak occurrence. While it is not always the gas leak that causes a plant to die, it is best to be vigilant for isolated cases. The final sign, and the most often late, is fire. Natural gas is highly flammable. All it needs is a small spark and it will deliver a massive amount of heat. Either you see fire inside or outside the house, leave immediately and call 911 for help.

Change Old Pipes Immediately

Old pipes are prone to gas leakage and to be on the safe side, you need to be aware that these pipes could cause gas leak incidents. When the gas enters your home’s gas line, it splits off into several pipes to ensure that it is properly delivered all over your home. Over time, these pipes start to wear and tear and seals may loosen or break causing gas leaks. It is also true that the valve seals on your gas lines can stand the test of time, but the pipes themselves may still break due to pressure and temperature changes. Call Plumbers 911 immediately for a gas line checkup if you have an older home. We can give you a proper recommendation on your existing set-up.

Plumbers 911 Has Licensed Techs to Address Ventilation Issues

gas sub meter in connecticut apartment complexDid you know that there is also another gas that could pose danger to your home? Carbon monoxide leakage can be caused by faulty fans or poor ventilation. It is a by-product of several appliances relying on natural gas. This form of leak is normally caused by a faulty home heating system. This type of system gets rid of has either through exhaust fans or chimney, that once gets clogged, carbon monoxide may leak back to your home causing poisoning. Unlike natural gas with pungent “rotten egg” smell, carbon monoxide does not have any odor, it is also colorless, and non-flammable which makes it even more dangerous as it can leak into your home without being noticed. When carbon monoxide enters your home, it displaces the oxygen in the air therefore making it difficult for the person inside the home to breathe. It can make someone easily tired and if not immediately removed from the carbon monoxide leak, the person may die from suffocation. Make sure that your ventilation and exhaust system is well maintained. Call our plumbing professionals today to have your exhaust system and furnace checked. It is better to be on the safe side, always.

Natural Gas Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips for Natural Gas: Natural gas, if properly used, can be safe. It is best to have a carbon monoxide detector test often to ensure that it is working properly. This simple step is your first line of defense against carbon monoxide leak. It is also best to keep chemicals and flammable materials away from gas lines. Keep them away from heating units, stoves, and any plumbing appliance in your home that uses natural gas. Another smart way to keep your family safe is to have a fire extinguisher and keep it in an accessible place. Most homeowners either shove it back in a closet or cupboard and forgotten. Always put it in a place where it can be seen on a regular basis and reached quickly during emergencies.

Call Plumbers 911 for Suspected Gas Leaks and All Your Plumbing Needs

Natural gas leaks occurs rarely but shouldn’t be totally ignored. You may notice gas leak exposure through these symptoms:
  • Nausea
  • Higher gas bills
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nose bleeds
  • Sleepiness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest pains
Regardless of the size of leak, gas leaks has to be taken seriously. Plumbers 911 takes pride in securing your home and family’s safety in terms of plumbing concerns. Call us now to ensure that one professional Connecticut plumber is sent to your home to inspect your gas lines. Our techs can quickly identify a gas leak problem using the right tools and top notch skills. We are also experts in ventilation and heating systems as well. Our inspection of ventilation systems are very thorough to ensure that the system is properly working and it pushes the carbon monoxide off your home rather than into it. The good thing about hiring a licensed tech is that you are given the assurance that your gas system is installed, maintained, and repaired properly which gives them more life and less maintenance issues in the coming years. Call Plumbers 911 today to keep your family and home safe from any gas leak related incident.]]>