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slab leaks connecticut | slab leaks The concrete slabs are the most affected parts of a home when leaking occurs. This is because much of the underground plumbing is connected to concrete slabs and in this ever changing Connecticut weather, when the ground is constantly changing, therefore increases the chances of slab leaks. How does this happen? When the soil underneath your home heats up, it expands. And the opposite happens when it cools down, it shrinks. If this expanding and shrinking continues, then it could create destruction on the concrete. When the shifting of the concrete continues over time, it eventually cracks causing instability on the pipes attached to it. Fittings will eventually become loose and pipes could break. The problem with this type of leak is that it is hard to spot.

Warning Signs of Slab Leaks

The sound of running water can be heard even when the water valve is shut off. This could mean that there is still running water somewhere in your home. If you cannot detect where the source of the running water can be found, it could be under the concrete. Excess mildew or mold under your home’s carpet. Mildew or mold won’t easily grow unless there’s trapped moisture. If you find either of these two especially in certain spots, then there’s a huge chance of you having sitting water under your floor. That hot spot on the floor is another sign. The moment a hot water pipe burst or leaks, it won’t immediately come out fully from the floor. All you would feel are hot spots on the floor brought about by the heat of the water. The water itself remains under the concrete floor. High water bills. Uncontrolled water flow will, of course, reflect on your water bill. This should not surprise you. If you are unsure of any leakage, then the high water bill will let you know for sure.

Certified Techs from Plumbers 911 Detects Slab Leaks with Ease!

Once you suspect a slab leak, the temptation to grab a sledgehammer and finding the leak can be high. Do not do this. If you are trying to save money, then the best option is to call a professional plumber so they, with the help of the newest plumbing equipment and tools, can detect the leak without tearing up your wall. Hammering every possible spot of your wall by yourself is unnecessary and costs a lot of money. Professional techs won’t tear up your entire wall and will only do so on the concrete above the leak, and nothing more. This saves not only money, but also time because this could make the repair much quicker. Having a professional help you avoids the risk of hitting any other pipe in the pipe system. A slab leak is a simple problem that can be easily fixed IF done properly.

Professionals Service Techs Can Prevent Mold and Mildew

Did you know that if you have mold and mildew in your home you are putting your family’s health at risk? It is proven that exposure to both has a long term damage not just on your house but also on your health. Mold and mildew causes wheezing, nasal stuffiness, coughing, skin irritation, throat irritation, and eye irritation among others. The goal of the plumbing expert is to totally eradicate mold and mildew by addressing the root cause of the issue. Once this is fully addressed, the repair cost greatly reduces as well. Unchecked mold will slowly destroy your carpet, wallpaper, and drywall. These can be easily avoided though, call our experienced techs to fix a suspected slab leak before to not give mold a chance to grow and spread.

Standing Water in Your Home Can Create Havoc on Your Concrete Slabs

slab leaks services CTOne plumbing related issue any homeowner fears to have is having water under their home’s concrete flooring. If you have slab leaks, your biggest nightmare could probably happen as water could rise and turn your home into an indoor swimming pool. If you are positive that you have not left your faucet on, or your toilet and tub are not overflowing, call Plumbers 911 immediately. We have an extensive network of contractors who value their work and knows true emergency service. We promise to be there before your slab leak problem gets worse. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of finding out the source of slab leak themselves before calling for professional help. While this is somehow feasible for most plumbing issues, do not make this mistake if you are suspecting a slab leak. Note that every minute matters when you are dealing with slab leak. The longer you wait, the bigger the damage will be. Slab leaks repairs can be costly, but repair costs can be cut down if the problem is addressed immediately.

Cracked Floors Can Be the Cause of Slab Leaks

If you see any of your floors starting to crack. Call us immediately. Because once it’s there, the damage has already been done. This simply means that a leak has sprung and the water has eaten away your floorboards to the point of cracking. This is the point that you can no longer do it yourself. Better call a professional right then and there to avoid further damage. One of the most effective ways to prevent cracked floors caused by slab leaks is to keep an eye on your water bill. If you notice that your water bill is abnormally high, then there is a huge chance that there are leaks on your slabs. Calling for professional plumbing help is the most responsible thing to do. Not only will it help you lessen your bill and prevent further damage, but it will also give you peace of mind all day and night.

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Do not hesitate to call us if you are suspecting a slab leak, or is you actually have one. As professionals for far too long in this field, we already know what to do and can easily identify the cause of leak without causing any further damage to your property.]]>