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WATER HEATER REPAIR AND INSTALLATION connecticutWater plays a huge role in our daily lives. Without it, it would be hard to get us moving for the day. It is a fact that we need water the moment we wake up until we retire at the end of the day. But what if you find out in the morning that your water is freezing. Major disaster! This is the reason why we need to keep our water heaters in tip top condition. If your water heater breaks down, especially during winter, you are doomed! This is why it is best to have the water heaters of your home installed, maintained, and repaired by a qualified professional. It is a fact that water heaters are complex pieces of equipment and should only be operated by a plumbing professional who knows the ins and outs of this plumbing appliance. The most common ones are electric water heaters and are mostly found in older homes. Compared to gas-powered water heaters, these uses electricity to heat or cool your water. This type of water heater has a lot of benefits including the size, the fact that it is safer, and a bit cheaper compared to its counterpart.

Common Issues with Water Heaters

Water heaters should serve its purpose every day, and the most common issue when they conk out is lack of hot water. Not having hot water means freezing cold showers, unwashed clothes, unkempt dishes. This is a major issue in a home. What causes a water heater to stop working? There are a lot of reasons, but the most common are lack of flowing power to the unit itself and faulty thermostat. When your water heater has power issues, you would find your water not heating quick enough, or sometimes the water is consistently too hot. Ask a professional plumber to check your unit as it could have low supply voltage. If this is the case then it would really take longer to heat the water. It is important to have it replaced to get it back up to speed. The plumber would most likely visit the fuse box to check if it is properly working after they have inspected the unit itself. On the other hand, if you are consistently experiencing hot water, it is best to check your thermostat. A well-maintained thermostat ensures acceptable water temperature day in and day out. If you find out that your thermostat is not working at all, contact a professional plumber right away and have it replaced.

One Call to Plumbers 911 to Fix All Your Water Heater Problems

Aside from the power and temperature, a water heater can have many other issues such as water pressure that makes uncomfortable shower. To address this, you can reduce the pressure by changing the PSI of the pressure valve to 50-60 to help lessen the discomfort. Sometimes water heater can also emit bad odor. This is normally cause by the bacteria living inside your pipes. You need to check your installation manual to address this issue as various heaters have different recommendations for this. It is best to call in a plumbing tech if you have doubts to do the inspection for you. This way you are assured that your pipes are being looked into by professional plumbers, no guessing there.

We Handle Gas Heaters Too!

Gas heaters are commonly found in newer homes. Based on our experience, majority of these homeowners dread the blinking pilot light when something happens to their gas heaters. All efforts to figure out what’s causing the problem takes time and effort, only to find out in the end that it needs professional attention. At the first sight of the red light, immediately call Plumbers 911 and we can address the quickly and efficiently. Here is a tip: Check the pilot light if you are out of hot water. These units have thermocouple inside with built-in safety measure that prevents gas to flow if the pilot light is not on. Lack of light on the pilot light means no gas to heat your water. Just like water heaters running on electricity, not having enough hot water is one of the common problems. Be reminded that gas water heaters also have a thermostat controlling their temperature. This is located on the gas valve and can be easily checked to ensure that it is functioning properly and set to an acceptable temperature.

Random Water Heater Issues That Can be Easily Fixed

water heater repair connecticutA water heater is probably one of the most abused plumbing appliance in a household. We need water with the right temperature every day, on our every move, for us to function properly every single day. Therefore it is a must to keep it in shape all the time. But guess what? Water heaters will still encounter issues. One of the most bizarre as they seemingly show up out of nowhere are rust or black colored water. This is very common and is caused by dissolved anode. These anode rods are designed to oxidize inside your tank. Over the years, these anodes will eventually dissolve and has to be replaced as soon as possible. If this step is neglected, you might end up dealing with a leaking tank — a more serious and expensive problem. Dissolving anodes are much less severe than leaking tanks. Gas heaters have four different spots where leaks are commonly seen:
  • The tank itself
  • Drain valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Water lines
It is best to look at your instruction manual to familiarize yourself with these parts. This way you can easily determine the point of the leak and you can give the professional tech a clearer picture of what needs to be fixed. Contact Plumbers 911 for any of these problems on your water heater. While it may seem that your water heater only needs a quick fix, there would be times when a part or the entire unit needs replacement. Do not worry, we will inspect your unit first and we will give out recommendations and options so you can decide which one is the best for you. When it comes to trusted water heater installation, maintenance and repair, call Plumbers 911 and find out why they are the most trusted plumbing network in the area.