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This winter, one of my most common problems in most households is burst pipes, an avoidable plumbing problem that causes severe damage if left unattended or ignored. Unlike dripping faucet, minor clogs, or the detection of a broken handle, burst pipes cause panic once discovered. burst pipe connecticutBurst pipes causes water damage and in order to avoid thousands of dollars in additional expenses to fix the burst pipe itself and the damage it has brought, you need a reliable plumber to arrive as soon as possible. Why? Because burst pipes are not just simple leaks. It creates a continuous leak or a huge sprinkle of water creating an astounding water damage in a home. In an hour, a burst pipe can potentially release 48 full baths of water into your home. Just imagine the potential damage it could bring! This is why response time is vital — something that Plumbers 911 can do for you!

What to Expect from Plumbers 911 Emergency Service

We consider burst pipes as an emergency case. We know its implications thus the need to respond the soonest possible time. If left ignored, burst pipes, even the smallest ones can cost you an arm and a leg to fix. Delaying this can cost you more hence the need to call an emergency plumber as soon as possible! Plumbers 911 takes pride in saying that we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate when it comes to ANY plumbing crisis. Through the years, we have provided: • Fast 24/7 emergency service • 100% customer satisfaction • Experienced licensed and certified plumber • Affordable and reliable service

Plumbers 911 Respond Fast

Our network of plumbers knows the dangers of ANY plumbing issue, its implications and consequences. This is especially true with burst pipes as we know how much damage a small burst can create. Our normal response time is an hour after a client calls, but this gets shortened when we deal with a burst pipe crisis. Plumbers 911 accepts calls 24/7 and deploys professional plumbers immediately. We are available 24/7, any time of the year, even on holidays to help you resolve your burst pipe nightmare. A certified and licensed plumbing technician will arrive at your doorstep immediately, within an hour as our guarantee to address your plumbing emergency. We fully understand that every minute matters thus we make you our priority.

Our Years of Experience and Training

Our professional techs have had years of experience in the field, 10,000 hours of field training before they are deployed, has continuing education to keep them abreast of new technologies in the industry, and are all taking their profession seriously. The plumbers on our network have seen them all and a simple burst pipe will not confuse them. As experienced techs, they can easily identify the source, know what materials to use, and find a solution to fix your plumbing issue.

Top Notch Service at an Affordable Price

A lot have been asking if the services of Plumbers 911 are affordable. Certainly! We offer top notch service with the most competitive rates around. It is our job to study the rates of our competitors so we can provide you the service with unsacrificed quality without us breaking your bank. With the amount you are paying us, you are getting top quality work from licensed, certified, and insured technicians. Not only that, we can assure you that you are safe with our plumbers as they have been thoroughly background checked and passed random drug tests all year round. This is to give us an assurance that we are deploying trustworthy people, and to give our clients a sense of security even when total strangers enter their homes.

Prevent a Burst Pipes with these Easy to Follow Steps

Connecticut Plumber | Frozen Broken Pipes ConnecticutIt is always best to prevent something, rather than fix it. Did you know that a burst pipe is avoidable? Preventing a pipe from bursting will save you tons of money in potential water damage in the long run. You know when winter comes, and burst pipes is relative to this season, as most of the time, burst pipes are caused by rapidly dropping temperatures. This temperature drop causes water to freeze in the pipes and when it expands, it causes the pipe to crack first, leak next, then burst if not addressed to immediately. Once it cracks, a spray of water can occur continuously, and if left unnoticed, it will cause serious flooding in your home. Something that nobody wants to experience. You can easily spot a leak with water spots. These are good indicators that there is a leak somewhere. The downside is, water travel some distance, hence the need for a professional plumbing to pin point where the actual leak is. Our professional techs can come to your home to run a lot of tests to finally determine the source of the water leakage. This process is essential because once identified, the source of leak can be easily determined and addressed to.

How to Prevent Pipes from Bursting

• Study your piping system and check for unheated areas in your home, and insulate the pipes on them • It is best to install additional insulation around pipes. These are available in hardware stores and can be easily bought and installed. • Before winter arrives, seal open vents to prevent cold drafts. • Disconnect outdoor hoses. • Shut off water flow to the outdoor faucets by using your water valve • It is best to keep the heat of your home above 53 degrees Fahrenheit. • Prevent burst pipes by checking the leaks before the winter season arrives.

Do Not Neglect Your Burst Pipes

Burst pipes may be caused by age, temperatures, neglect, or corrosion. Our plumbers can inspect your pipes for you to check its health and inform you of the potential dangers that you may encounter, if there are any. It is important that all members of the family knows the location of the shut-off valve because in the event of a burst pipe, the quicker this is turned off, the lesser damage it incurs. Our professional techs have various leak detection methods. If you are suspecting a leak, call us today so our highly skilled contractors can find the source and provide you immediate solutions!