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LIGHT COMMERCIAL PLUMBING connecticut | LIGHT COMMERCIAL PLUMBINGIf you own a restaurant but you have leaky faucets, overflowing toilets, and clogged sinks? You will see customers fleeing away from your restaurants. No one likes a dirty establishment. No amount of delicious food and top-notch service can compensate for nasty insanitation. Being in this business means you exactly know the importance of having a clean establishment. While it is just economical to handle the plumbing issue in-house, hiring a professional plumber will save you thousands of money in back jobs and lost customers. If there is one plumbing problem very common in the restaurant industry, it is clogged drains. Well it should be, to deal with all kinds of food, various chemical cleaners, hair, and all the little things that could be found on the floor — the drains are not human enough to spew up anything it doesn’t fancy. These fixtures just takes in whatever it gets and over time, the accumulation of all of these things will start to cause clogs on your drains. While cleaners are easy fixes and easy on your budget, it is not something we recommend. Like most easy fixes, this could cause more problems down the road. Chemical drain cleaners, despite its popularity and availability are actually harmful to you drains. They might help you know but it actually corrodes your pipes and reduces their lifespan. Calling in a professional plumber saves you thousands of money in the future as they can immediately pin point and correct the issue without damaging your pipes.

Here are some of the benefits when you hire a licensed plumbing expert:

  • Clogs will no longer happen in a long time. Restaurants normally disposes, even if they avoid it, all sorts of oil. It may not come by the gallon, still, the oil from the dishes will at some point clog the drains. These variety of fats and oil can build up in the drain even without your knowing it. They may go along with the water during washing time, but as they start to cool, they solidify and get stuck wherever. Most of the time, they get stuck in the deepest pit of your plumbing system can causes serious clogging over time.
  • Healthier pipe systems. When you hire a professional plumber, the problem is immediately addressed to, this saves your pipes from harsh chemicals therefore prolonging its life span. Pipes that have been exposed to chemical cleaners get brittle and crack in the long run. A proper inspection is needed before addressing the issue — something that chemical cleaners cannot do and amateur plumbers are not trained to do.
  • Say goodbye to bad smells. When the sewage system is clogged, it emits a very foul smell and this can be a huge turn off to customers. Who would want to eat while the entire restaurant smells like sewage anyway? As well all know, sewage smell is very powerful and it could turn off all customers no matter good your food and service are. Only licensed plumbers can handle proper drain cleaning in your establishment. To avoid this disaster, make sure that your pipes are always clean and waste water passes through the sewage without any problem.
  • Plumbing emergencies can be prevented. A regular plumbing checkup is essential in every home, how much more in restaurants? A plumbing issue is a major hiccup especially in the food service industry so we highly recommend a regular checkup on your plumbing system to avoid any catastrophe like customers finding an overflowing toilet or backed up sink. It’s a major turn off and you could lose lots of potential loyal customers with this unavoidable issue. If you hire us to give your plumbing regular checkup, we can give you a guarantee that your plumbing system is functioning as it should. This time allows us to check for possible existing problems that needs to be addressed before it leads into an emergency.

Your Plumbing Fixtures Can Only Handle So Much

LIGHT COMMERCIAL PLUMBING ConnecticutWell it is true that industrial pipes can handle more than residential plumbing, they still have their limits. The pipes in restaurants are used constantly and a lot go through the pipes day after day. With more customers, your sinks and toilets are always working and abused. We all know that not everyone follow the “Do Not Throw Anything on the Toilet” rule. There would be some who uses excessive amounts of toilet paper and flushes it. Others will throw things inside or leave the water flowing. These are real toilet scenarios in establishments that if left ignored could cause major issues in your plumbing system. Plumbers 911 offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service to ensure that we will always be there to address our clients’ plumbing needs. We can deal with your problem any time of the day, even holidays.

Know Why We are the Highly Recommended Plumbing Network in the Area

Plumbers 911 has the best network of professional plumbers in the area. Our techs are vetted rigidly and we only deploy specialists after they have completed hundreds of training hours, have spotless backgrounds, and clean drug test results. These guys are up-to-date with the latest techniques in the industry and are using the best equipment every day. They already know how to address your plumbing issue and already has a concrete plan to fix it quickly and efficiently. Aside from that, our professionals are licensed, insured, and certified from multiple organizations. This simply means that they have passed exams after exams, and have complete the required hours to finish and maintain such prestigious honors.

Leave the Light Commercial Plumbing to Plumbers 911

We highly recommend that you leave your light commercial plumbing needs to us. We not just want your business, but we also want your restaurant hiccup-free every business day in terms of plumbing. Our network of plumbers has an unbeatable lightning-fast response time and prices. We do business fairly and your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We believe that when a restaurant runs as it should, you can focus on doing what you do best: pleasing and serving your customers.