camera and sewer inspection plumbing
27 May

Discover problems with your plumbing system with a camera and sewer inspection

After the cold winter months, your plumbing system may have some issues caused by the freeze/thaw cycle, which can only be discovered by an expert plumber performing a camera inspection.

Since much of your plumbing system is underground, behind walls or hidden from view, the only way to catch a problem before it is too late is to have an annual camera inspection.

What is a camera inspection?

A camera inspection is a plumbing procedure, which involves attaching a small camera to a plumbing snake. The process is similar to how a doctor uses a scope to find problems in people.

Once the plumber finds a cleanout or other opening, the camera is then fed through the pipes and other plumbing systems in order to identify any problems. The images recorded by the camera are displayed in real time on a screen. An expert Plumbers 911 plumber will monitor these images and use their industry expertise to diagnose the problem and find a solution.

What problems can be found with a camera inspection?

Over time and with the changing of the seasons, a plumbing system will eventually encounter some problems. Though results of a camera inspection vary, there are some common problems Plumbers 911 expert plumbers look for:

  • Cracks or leaks
  • Root intrusion
  • Obstructions or build ups

What’s next?

After an expert Plumbers 911 plumber conducts a camera inspection of your plumbing system and discovers a problem, they will develop a plan to remedy the issue.

Depending on the issue, they may be able to fix the problem right away. In some cases, this means installing new pipes, clearing out build ups, etc. In some instances, they may need to schedule a time to come back and dig underground.

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