Slab Leaks

End Problems Caused by Slab Leaks, Call Our Reliable Jacksonville Plumbers Today!

  Jacksonville slab leaksIf you think that leaking faucets and clogged drains are the worst things that can happen in your plumbing system, you are far from being right. Unfortunately, if you fail to call our specialist at Plumbers 911 to conduct regular maintenance services, you may suffer from the terrible consequences of slab leaks.

Troubles You Can Avoid by Hiring our Plumbers in Jacksonville

Slab leaks are not easy to detect since it happens in hidden areas. Regrettably, the moment you notice that something is wrong, it means that the issue is already serious and in need of immediate action. Here are some of the problems you can prevent if you call our team of specialists to do periodic slab leak detection service in your home:
Health Problems Unaddressed leaks mean that there is an area in your house that is always wet or filled with moisture. Such areas are potential breeding grounds for molds. The presence of molds can cause serious health problems for you and your family members since it can contaminate the air that you breathe at home. Some of the most common health issues caused by mold growth include coughs, asthma attacks, wheezing, and other upper respiratory tract problems. This situation is even more dangerous if you have very young kids at home since they are more susceptible to getting infected. Structural and Foundational Issues Leaks can affect the integrity of your home structure, and foundation since the water pressure created by this problem can cause the foundation of the entire house to shift. This change can cause cracks, and if continuously unaddressed, they can cause the structure to collapse. This is extremely dangerous, especially when your family members are inside. Monetary Impact Needless to say, slab leaks have corresponding financial consequences particularly if you wait for serious problems to pop up before calling us for professional assistance. You may be saving money in the short-term by not calling our plumbers, but it will be much more costly in the long run if you keep trying (and failing) to carry out leak detection by yourself.
While all the issues above are severe, they do not happen overnight. It starts as something minuscule and then eventually escalates into a disaster. This is because the homeowner is unaware that something concerning is going on underneath the home. Our contractors have tons of experience correcting the above-mentioned slab leak issues. They all agree, however, that, often, these troubles could have been avoided if only we were called for regular preventive maintenance.

Ways to Detect Slab Leaks in Your Home from our Jacksonville Plumbing Experts

  • If you are afraid of experiencing the serious problems brought about by undetected slab leaks, you must pay attention to everything that is going in your home. While it takes some time before you can finally be certain of slab leaks, there are warning signs that you need to be cautious of as the same can tell you if there is a problem. These signs include the following:
  • A significant, yet unexplained, increase in your water bill.
  • Splashing or hissing sound of running water even when all the faucets and other water sources in the house are turned off.
  • Visible mildew or excessive moisture beneath your carpet flooring.
  • Cracks on your tile floors or noticeable bubbles in your linoleum flooring.
  • Warm areas on certain spots of your floor (this can mean that your hot water line is leaking under your slab).
  • Cracks on your walls or baseboards.
  • Your pool is losing water for no apparent reason.
  • The water pressure in your home is significantly lower than usual.
  • The dial in your water meter is still moving even when all your faucets are shut off; your toilet is not in use, and your dishwasher and washing machine are turned off.
  • If you happen to notice any one of these danger signals, you must immediately call us, at Plumbers 911, before the leak gets worse and the problem goes from bad to worse.

Reasons Why You Can Count on our Jacksonville Plumbing Services

Finding slab leaks is not a task that you should carry out on your own considering its complexity. You cannot tear apart your home just to find where the leak is coming from. Instead of using a trial and error approach, it is best and prudent to call our team of specialists to do slab leak detection and corresponding corrective work if there is a need. There are many reasons why you should let our professional technicians do the work for you such as the following: We have the right tools to do the job more effectively and efficiently. The tools and equipment that we use for slab leak detection are state-of-the-art and highly advanced. By using tools like electromagnetic pipeline locators and amplification equipment, our technicians can find the problem and carry out repairs with the least amount of time and minimal disruption to your valuable time and property. We have the expertise and experience. Our contractors have been doing the job for decades, which means they have practically seen and addressed all plumbing-related problems in existence. They are also highly-skilled and mandated to undergo continuous training so that their knowledge about this line of work is always up-to-date. We can be relied upon to provide service any time you need us. Our team of professional technicians is always on stand-by and ready to assist you any time of the day and any day of the week. We make sure that somebody is ready to be dispatched whenever you are in need, even during holidays and important events. The items mentioned above are just some of the benefits of hiring our team of specialists at Plumbers 911. If you need to check your plumbing system for slab leaks and other issues, do not hesitate to call us immediately. Note that the time you spent dilly-dallying about hiring us can mean a whole lot of difference in keeping your family safe and protected.