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  Local Jacksonville plumbingIf you’re planning on making more major changes in your kitchen or bathroom, such as replacing or installing new fixtures or rerouting pipes, you desperately need professional assistance. While doing minor home projects on your own can definitely save you a few dollars, projects involving the complexities of plumbing require expert help. Otherwise, a failed DIY attempt can leave you with more time, energy and money wasted.

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We, at Plumbers 911, can recommend the best and most proficient plumbing contractors in Jacksonville. Working as a trusted and stable referral service, we have a growing list of satisfied clientele whom we have connected with reputable technicians that scrupulously abide by building codes and practices per state. Our network of professionals is duly licensed and certified, having completed at least 10,000 training hours. Furthermore, we guarantee that they are bonded, insured, and have clean backgrounds ensured by periodic drug testing.

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We are affiliated with the finest selection of plumbing pros, who are committed to updating, upgrading, and innovating their services on a regular basis. We appreciate the importance of the need to invest in the most up-to-date technology and equipment to make sure that we remain consistent in providing service excellence and speed. Rest assured that we will connect you only to certified plumbers that strictly follow installation standards and water conservation regulations, and who will duly obtain the necessary plumbing permit for more major projects such as repiping or changing of fixtures, all in accordance with the Jacksonville Plumbing Code.

Indispensable Bathroom Remodeling Tips from Our Plumbing Specialists

Before undertaking a bathroom remodel, you should first take into account the following considerations. 1. Determine your budget range. How much are you willing and able to spend for your project? Having a specific amount in mind allows you to choose wisely on certain fixtures to buy, without depleting your limited financial resources. 2. Try rerouting the toilet or at least adding a pleasant-looking cabinet or divider to somehow keep the commode obscured from plain view if ever the bathroom door is left open. Seeing the toilet as guests walk through the hall is aesthetically unappealing. Therefore, anything but this fixture should be the focal point in your bathroom. 3. To keep labor costs from skyrocketing, you might want to keep your bathroom’s vintage tiles intact. Focus your money and time elsewhere as removing these old-school finishes can be difficult, especially since they are often multi-coated with concrete and reinforced with wire lath. Besides, retaining a vintage feature and combining it with the modern will result in a warmer and pleasantly classic appeal. 4. Try installing multiple lighting options in your bathroom. Aside from bright lights for practical purposes, you may also choose to add dim lights for a more relaxing ambience while taking a long, warm bath. For smaller bathrooms, adding a mirror in front of the window can brighten up the place and help create the illusion of more space. 5. Bathrooms should never be stuffy. Keep your comfort space well-ventilated by letting us install multiple high windows, vents or exhaust fans. Not only do these keep your daily bathroom routine pleasant and comfortable, but they also help keep the otherwise damp room dry, thus keeping molds and mildew at bay. 6. Determine specific dimensions for fixtures, such as the toilet and bathtub, to make planning more accurate. Don’t forget to adjust your sink relative to the height of the users. For instance, if you have multi-aged kids at home, you might want to install two sinks at different heights if your bathroom space permits. Otherwise, simply install a space-saving bottom-drawer foot stool for more convenient and comfortable hand washing or brushing for your little ones. If you have a really small space and your sink is inconveniently located right in your door’s swing direction, simply relocate the sink in a corner space. You can leave the repiping up to us.

Valuable Kitchen Remodeling Ideas from Our Skilled Plumbing Technicians

Here are some quick kitchen remodeling tips from our pros. 1. Make walkways wider. The kitchen area should be spacious for your cooking convenience and comfort. Therefore, kitchen islands should be adjusted accordingly. 2. Consider your typical kitchen traffic. If you have kids, the stove should be installed in a low-traffic zone in the kitchen, preferably safer when out of the way to the fridge. 3. Find an accessible space and height for the microwave oven, considering the height and safety of the users. 4. For smaller kitchens, light colors and shades combined with bright lighting give the appearance of more space. 5. When installing cabinets, make sure that their doors’ swing direction and clearance is free and won’t hit other appliances or fixtures. For a small kitchen that cannot afford enough space for the door swing space, we can install sliding cabinet doors. 6. If you cook more frequently and more elaborately, consider having a bigger and more spacious countertop to be ideally installed between the sink and the cooking range. If you wish to involve your kids in meal preparations, it would be nice to have a kid-friendly countertop height. 7. If you find filling heavy pots with water and moving them from the sink and to the stove a tiring task, we can install a pot filler, or otherwise called a swing-out tap, near your cooking range for your convenience. Another option is installing an extra long hose attached from the main faucet to the cooking area. 8. For using blenders and coffeemakers, we can install multiple electrical outlets on the kitchen islands, as well as along the backsplash as necessary.

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By trusting our experts, working speed is doubled, the time it takes to finish the project is cut in half, and your stress load is dramatically reduced. To keep plumbing accidents in check during your kitchen and bath remodeling project, contact Plumbers 911 now!