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01 Jul

Having problems with your lawn sprinkler system?

Your outdoor sprinkler system helps keep your lawn lush and green, so it is important the system functions properly, to its full ability.

Even though sprinkler systems are located underground, they may begin to show signs of wear and tear, especially in areas where the ground freezes or near a driveway.

Whether a sprinkler head is cracked or a pipe has burst somewhere in the system, Plumbers 911 wants to help you get your sprinkler system fully operational as fast as we can!

Common sprinkler system problems

Since your sprinkler comes up and out of the ground, you may notice a portion of your system is not working properly. The first thing to do is look at the sprinkler head and examine it for dirt buildup.

Oftentimes, debris builds up on or in the sprinkler heads, which can be manually popped up from the ground when the system is shut off. This allows you to safely clean the head.

Another common problem is breaking a sprinkler head. This can occur in a number of ways including while mowing the lawn, driving over the head with your car or truck or being stepped on. Since the heads are typically hidden from view, low to the ground or even slightly buried, they are easy to run over or step on as you walk past.

Fixing broken sprinkler heads may be best left up to a professional, like those from Plumbers 911. Finding the correct parts and installing them can be a daunting task to those without experience.

More complex problems

Lawn sprinkler systems are more complex than the sprinkler you attach to the hose and let the kids run through. There is an underground piping system and a pump with moving parts, which can break and cause a world of headaches.

Like all water systems, there are certain things a homeowner can do and other work should be left to the professionals. 

If your system suddenly loses water pressure, if a geyser shoots out of your yard, or you notice your water bill is much higher than normal, a professional needs to be brought in. 

Unfortunately, outdoor elements can take a toll on your sprinkler system and leaks or breaks can occur. If you feel this has happened to your sprinkler system, it may be time to call Plumbers 911 for service.

Preventing problems

The best way to save money on lawn sprinkler system repairs is by catching the problems early. An annual inspection of your lawn sprinkler system may help detect any problem, which developed over the past year. 

Regardless of what your plumbing issue, call Plumbers 911! Expert plumbers are ready to provide local, reliable help.