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Plumbers 911 - Water Heater Repair
19 Nov

Identify water heater problems before winter sets in

As winter begins to set in and the weather changes in most parts of the U.S., it is important to ensure your water heater is ready to perform during those colder months.

For most people, a cold shower during the summer can be relaxing, but come winter, a cold shower is unbearable.

Unfortunately, most people will not notice any initial warning signs their water heater is going bad until it is too late. Luckily, Plumbers 911 is here to help you identify and take action to remedy any problems you may encounter with your water heater.

Identifying water heater problems

Before your family is left without hot water, be sure to frequently check for the telltale signs of water heater trouble.

The most obvious problems with your water heater can be easily observed. If you are experiencing discolored water or foul smelling water, contact Plumbers 911 immediately. This can be more than just a water heater issue and can encompass your entire piping system or water supply.

Next, you will want to inspect your water heater. If the pilot light is malfunctioning, you could have a number of problems. For instance, the pilot light could be out on a gas powered water heater due to a problem with your gas line. Conversely, if your water heater is electric, there could be a problem with the connection from your power source to the water heater.

If your pilot light is on check for a leaking water valve, pooling water and/or loud noises coming from your water heater.

Fixing your water heater

Since water heaters are very complex, it is important for any repair work to be completed by a highly skilled and highly trained professional.

Some things can be fixed with supplies from the hardware store and a YouTube tutorial. For example, a pilot light can be changed by a homeowner. Other issues will need professional attention, especially gas water heaters.

Plumbers 911 stands ready to fix your water heater issues and leave you with peace of mind as the weather changes.

If you have a water heater issue and would like it professionally inspected and worked on by an expert local plumber, please contact Plumbers 911.