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backflow prevention | chicago plumbing serviceThe feeling of seeing your pipes backing up into the house is like nothing else. It is a combination of fear, disgust, and stress that is difficult to put words to. Thankfully, you do not need to go through that feeling alone. There are professionals that have the experience and the training to come to your location and begin fixing the problem immediately. When you are seeing the effects of a problematic septic pipe coming up out of drains in your home, the last thing you want to do is to go through and start searching for a qualified plumbing contractor in Chicago that can help. You wanted them at your door ten minutes ago, fixing the problem! That is why you need to have our number on speed-dial.

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We do all sorts of checks so that you don’t have to. We check things like:
  • Backgrounds, verifying things like education, experience, and work history
  • We make sure that the person has positive reviews from people they have done work for before
  • We make sure each contractor that we partner with has passed a drug screening prior to working with us, and randomly during the time, they remain partnered with us
  • The level of training that was taken in the past, offering new training opportunities to keep our professionals at the top of their fields
We make sure that wherever you are around Chicago, you have someone near you that is going to be able to address the issue, fix it, and make sure it is not going to happen again in the future.We understand the immediate need for help when you call us for a backflow issue. We can send someone that has already been screened to your home quickly and get the problem under control.

Typical Causes of Backflow

There are two main reasons that your septic could backflow into your home. Both causes of backflow have something to do with the pressure within your septic system. You could either have a rising pressure that is causing the items from within your septic tank to come back into your home for a visit, or you could have a decrease in the amount of pressure you have in your system. Typically, all of your drains are going to have something called a check valve in place to stop backflow from occurring, but these valves are not fail-safes. There are still times where your pipes are not going to cooperate and you are going to have a problem. This is especially true if you have some type of a clog in the pipe that is already throwing pressure off a bit. You can also get some backflow even if you happen to be on city pipes. If there is some type of decrease in pressure in the city’s water system, such as massive rainfall, snow melting, or even hydrant flushing, it can cause your pipes to back up into the drains within your home.

Common Remedies for Clogged Pipes That Could Be Causing Backflow

Most of the time, when someone looks at a drain that does not want to go down at normal speed, they think of simple remedies to fix the problem. The first thing people do is to grab their trusty plunger. This is done in an attempt to move the blockage through, and push the clog out of the pipe at the sewer end. If you are dealing with a tiny clog, this may work, but if you are dealing with a septic tank pressure problem, it won’t do much good. From there, people often consider chemicals. This can be dangerous on many levels. If you do have a clog, you could end up putting chemicals into your pipes that will do nothing but sit there. This could cause the pipes to erode and leave you with bigger issues. This can also harm your septic tank, and should be avoided by anyone living on a septic system. The last resort is typically trying to snake the pipes with a metal cable. It is meant to break up any clog that is in the way. The biggest problem with a metal snake is that they tend to be too short to be effective for people who are not professionals. If you want your pipes to be completely snaked out, you need to get a professional plumbing specialist to your home to ensure that your pipes are clean.

Fixing a Backflow Issue Involves Multiple Steps

There are a few different things that a plumbing technician is going to do to figure out the problem. First, they are going to need to check the pressure within your system. If it is off, they need to determine why. Next, they are going to look around at all of the obvious areas to find any type of a leak in your pipes. This could be causing issues that could lead to a backflow into the house. If that still does not narrow down the problem, they will likely install some type of a check valve to try and keep any backflow from coming back into your house or business. Give the experienced professionals at Plumbers 911 a call the next time you have a backflow issue, Chicago. Don’t let the panic that sets in when you see sewage coming into your house blind you from calling on people who are experienced enough to do the job right. You don’t want to have just anyone come in and help with a problem this big, so make sure you only work with the best. We can match you up with a technician in your vicinity and get them to your home or business quickly. Just give us a call and relax, knowing help is on the way.