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Only A Trusted Chicago Plumber Can Ensure that A Sewer Pipes Inspection is Done Efficiently

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Sewer Pipes } Chicago Plumbing ServicesWhen your home or your business has issues with your sewer lines, it can be a very large problem. The last thing you want is sewage backing up into your home or your business, as that can be not only a smelly problem but also a hazardous one. In order to avoid most sewer problems, you need to have your pipes regularly inspected, and for that, you need an experienced service technician. Most new homes and businesses require an inspection be done before the home can be sold. They need to pass inspection or have work done to ensure that they can pass. The same inspections need to happen to most homes every five years, in order to keep from struggling with issues with your sewage pipes. However, this is not a job for an average repairman or woman. This should be left to the professionals.

What to Expect When Getting Sewer Pipes Inspected

When you get your septic drain fields inspected, typically you will end up with a visual inspection of the pipes from within the house or business. You should also have a camera put through the drain lines to ensure they are intact and not cracked or under pressure at any point. If this appears somewhere in one of the pipes, you will likely need to replace it. Typically, you will end up paying $100-1,000 for a sewer pipe inspection, but it all depends on how much there is to inspect.

The Steps to Sewer Pipe Inspection

Most of the time, the first inspection is visual, and from within the home or the business. The contractor will look around at where the sewer pipes exit the house and see what kind of condition the pipes are in. From there, a video camera will be used in the sewer pipe from the home out to the street. At the end of that pipe, the technician will be able to see the images and see the overall condition of the pipes. Should they see anything that is out of the ordinary, they will be able to bring the camera back to that point to take additional images to see the condition of the pipe. Once that is completed, a report will come back to the home or business owner, telling them what the results of the inspection were. If there was a problem, the contractor will then explain what the problem was, and suggest fixes for it. The most common issue for a technician to find is a crack in the pipe that would need to be repaired, simply because pipes deteriorate after a while from use.

When Sewer Pipes Need to Be Replaced

Replacing drain lines is not a job for an amateur. There are stark differences between sewage pipes and all other types of pipes, and if you use the wrong one, not only could your house or business not be up to code, it could also leave you with sewage coming back up through the pipes. You don’t want to take chances with this, and should call in professional contractors when this becomes necessary. Get as much information as necessary when you are having your sewer lines inspected, because if you happen to fail, you are going to need that information to correct the issues so you can pass. Give Plumbers 911 a call should you need an inspection, or should you fail one, so we can help to connect you with an experienced plumber that is going to be able to help get your home or business to pass so that your place is safe.

When It Comes to Sewer Pipes, It Is Best to Get Services of Licensed Chicago Plumbers

Before we dispatch a single person to your home or place of business, we make sure that they are safe and qualified for the job. We only send out people that we would feel comfortable within our own homes should we be going through what you are going through now. Here are a few of the checks that we perform before we work with any plumbing contractor:
  • We make sure that we can verify their education and knowledge
  • We contact old references to verify their experience and level of customer satisfaction
  • We run drug and alcohol tests before working with them, and randomly while we are partnered with them as well
  • We make sure their licenses cover Chicago and the surrounding suburbs
  • We check to make sure they are properly insured and bonded
  • We make sure that they have the right tools to come out and help solve your problems, ideally without having to go out and get any extra parts
We have very high expectations when we work with contractors or any contractor for that matter. We expect them to put the customer first, to offer a full estimate of what they will need to do to fix the problem, and we expect them to stand behind their work. We offer a satisfaction guarantee based off of what we find out about them, because without that, we cannot be sure that our customers would come back to us the next time they need a contractor. Our reputation is on the line, too, so we make sure we only partner with the best of the best! Contact Plumbers 911 today, and let us help get you set up for a sewer pipe inspection. You want to make sure that your home or business is safe to be in, and we can help you with that. We will send only the best experts in the area to you, knowing they will give you an honest report about what is going on, and you can trust in their recommendations. Give us a call today, and let your issues become a thing of the past. Don’t waste time trying to find the best local Chicago plumber on your own.