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sump pumps  | chicago plumbersHave you been on the receiving end of too much rain or melting snow overburdening your sump pump? Have you woken up during the night, only to splash your feet down into water that should have been pumped out of the house? If so, then you know what it is like when your basement pump does not work properly, and you know how much damage it can do. You need to be able to have the right kind of plumber at the ready to come and help you now, rather than later. You carefully maintain your home, as you are well aware of the kind of investment it is, but still, something manages to go wrong. Your sump pump is not able to keep up with the melt or the rainfall, and your basement is starting to flood. You have two options; you can either grab a hose, a pump, and a bucket and start a bucket brigade, hopefully getting the water far enough away from your home to not seep back in, or you can get a hold of a plumber who is trained in helping with issues just like this. But your basement is filling up; you don’t have time to do background checks on plumbers! That’s where we come in. We are a plumbing technician referral service that has already gone through and done the legwork for you. We have gone through and checked all of the experience, licensing, and education for each plumber we work with. We know that whoever we send to your home or your business, is going to be able to get right to work, and know what they are doing. On top of that, we have even gone so far as to do drug testing on each plumber we work with, so you can be sure you will get great service from someone you can trust.

What Could Be Causing Your Sump Pump Issues?

Basement pumps are quite simple pieces of machinery. They turn on when the water level gets high, pumps the water away from your home until the water level is low, then it turns off again. However, sometimes they do not work out quite as planned. This could be due to the water coming in faster than your pump can pump out, or it could be due to problems with the pump itself. The only way to know is to have an experienced plumbing service person come out and diagnose the problem. You could be facing issues like:
  • The power of the pump is not strong enough to push the water far away enough
  • There is a hole in the hose that is supposed to be taking water away from your house, but it is no longer able to take it far away enough, leaving it to seep right back in
  • You have roots, dirt, or other debris in the pit of your pump that could be causing the hole to fill more quickly
  • Your basement pump is simply old, worn out, and in need of replacement

The Best Thing To Do is Find a Trusted Contractor In the Middle of An Emergency

When your home or business is under duress, you need help and you need it now. You do not want to take the time to go through a bunch of plumbing reviews; you want someone that can be depended on to fix the problem, quickly, so here is what you do. You call us, you tell us what problem you are facing and where you are located. We contact the nearest contractor to your location, and we dispatch them immediately. You have someone there in no time, and your problem goes from chaos to controlled. It’s that simple!

Ways to Avoid Sump Pump Emergencies

The best way to avoid a sump pump emergency is to maintain it properly. It can take just a few minutes to do, but save you from an emergency down the line. Every three or four months, you should make sure the screen for the inlet of your pump is cleaned off, ensure that the power cord is not frayed and is tightly plugged in, and that the pump turns itself on when the water level is high. Once a year, you should make sure to check the system just a little bit more in-depth. This is not a job for your average do-it-yourselfer, so you should call in the pros to take care of this. The pipe for the basement pump should be removed from the pit and inspected to ensure it is solid, not cracked, and not clogged. You should clean out the entire pit. The pump should be checked, similarly to a tune-up for a vehicle. Then all should be put back into the pit, and the float should be adjusted to make sure it is turning on at the right height.

When You Need Any Sump Pump Repairs, Plumbers 911 Can Help!

Sump pumps can last for a very long time when they are maintained properly, but, eventually, they do wear out. If you are struggling with yours working some of the time, and not others, or it just cannot keep up with the influx of water any longer, get an experienced Chicago plumbing technician out to your home or business to see what’s going on. You may need a new pump that is stronger than your old one, or you may need some simple adjustments to your basement to make it work better. We will only send out someone that we would trust coming to our own home, so if you are in need of an experienced service person to come out to your home or your business, let Plumbers 911 be the first and only call you make.