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Kansas is a great place to live. It’s practically the center of the country, with wide open spaces and great neighbors. All that space means longer distances to travel, as well as longer pipes to run water and waste through. A large chain or franchise plumber operation just doesn’t understand the plumbing issues that can create. What you need is someone closer to home. Plumbers 911 is a great alternative to those impersonal corporations that spend more time advertising than getting the job done. We’re a nationwide referral service that connects you to the best local and independently-owned plumbing contractors in Paola, Kansas. Our partners have invested years of their lives into building their reputations for honestly, reliability, and rapid service. That’s because our name isn’t on their trucks, it’s their own good names.

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We take a number of steps to make sure that you get the best possible service from our expert technicians. First, we hire only fully licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers who have received over 10,000 hours of initial training. In addition, our contractors are all members of their local union, and have passed comprehensive background checks. They also have access to extensive professional development training on current equipment and skills.

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When something goes bump (or crash or pop, or bang) in the night, followed by the sound of rushing water, you don’t have any time to waste. You have to get the problem fixed or you’re facing serious damage to your personal possessions, the structure of your home, and possibly your health if mold and mildew set in. Our contractors live and work in Paola, and will get there quickly, with all the equipment they need in order to fix the problem and get your life back to normal. You won’t have to wait around while they run back to the shop to get a tool they forgot. You’ll just get an expert repair job for a reasonable price.

A Complete Package of Plumbing Services in Paola KS

Emergency repair is not the only work that we do. Sure, we’re great at it, but there’s a lot more that we can do for you. Septic Tank Installation and Repair: A septic tank is just one part of a septic system. All three of the parts of a septic system (grease trap, septic tank, and drainage field) can improve the health of the environment by returning waste water to the aquifer without the use of a central water treatment facility. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in identifying and repairing septic system problems before those problems end up flooding your basement. Mainline Video Inspection and Hydrojetting: If you do live within city limits and are connected to the municipal sewer system, you may be facing an entirely different set of problems. Our highly-trained inspectors can actually give you a worm’s eye view of your sewer line by sending a small video camera through the pipe. They’ll find any breaks in the pipe, tree root infiltration, or other damage to your sewer line. If the problem is a clog, they can use the ultra-high water pressure of a hydrojet system to cut through any debris that remains stuck in the line. Water Conservation: About 30% of an average home’s water use is through toilet flushing alone. Just by replacing your toilets with newer models that meet the EPA’s WaterSense guidelines can help you save hundreds of dollars in water bills over the life of your home. While we’re there, we can even upgrade your water taps and showerheads, saving you even more money. local Paola plumbing servicesBath and Kitchen Remodeling: The kitchen is the heart of the home. Many of a family’s best memories are made in the kitchen. People spend a lot of time in the bathroom also, but maybe you don’t want to remember all of those times. Either way, it’s important to make both places as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We can help make that happen. We can install appliances and fixtures that are both attractive and efficient. We can also upgrade the parts of your plumbing system that you can’t see, such as drainage lines and hot water heaters. New Construction: We’re also experts at new construction. From the drainage pipes in the basement to the extra bathroom on the third floor of your dream home, we can install it and make sure that it works perfectly. Water Sub-Metering: Imagine being a responsible tenant in an apartment building who’s trying to conserve water. Next door, your neighbor is wasting water at a prodigious rate. Now imagine having to pay the exact same amount for utilities. It doesn’t sound that fair, does it? Water sub-metering can help fix that. A water sub-metering system allows you to charge each tenant for only the water that they personally use, streamlining your billing process and given tenants an incentive to save water. The system is easy to install and can be accessed over a wireless network for added convenience. Commercial Plumbing: Compared to a single dwelling home, commercial plumbing is a challenge unto itself. First, if the pipes burst in a business or factory, not only do you face the same potential for damage and repair costs, but you also lose money every minute that you’re closed. Also, there’s a big difference between washing a dozen dishes and 800 to 1,000 dishes per night. We have the expertise and equipment to provide for all of a company’s plumbing needs, from simple emergency repairs to installing the largest appliances and backflow prevention devices.

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