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HVAC Mounted Air ConditionersOkay, so it’s summertime, your family is enjoying the sun and it’s great!  You’ve got lemonade, cold drinks and some barbecue.  So much for the sun, but when the heat just becomes unbearable, you would just want to relax in a cool, comfy room.  Then.. your A/C isn’t working!  What should you do next?   You can look in the yellow pages (if you still have one) or search online.  You can type “HVAC companies near me…”, but with a huge list of companies to choose from, how can you decide?

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We can confidently say that our team of well-trained and insured HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) experts are always ready to provide you quality repairs and installation.  We also offer preventative maintenance to make sure your heating and cooling systems are in tip-top shape.  We can fix or service central cooling systems and wall mounted A/C units. Not sure if you need replacement or repair?  We can help!

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Tips from Your Local Professionals in Billings

If you’re planning to switch from a window unit to a wall mounted type (just because the old one is busted), or if it’s your first attempt to get one, then make sure to read through these important tips! Consider the hole in the wall where the unit will be placed.  If you’re thinking of replacing an existing wall mounted A/C, check the dimensions as well.  Don’t just buy a unit without having an idea where to put it. Check the cooling capacity.  Before buying one, you need to have an idea how big the room will be.  A 1Hp unit cannot cool a large area.  Most units cannot cool an entire house (depending on how huge your house is) but these A/Cs are able to keep rooms cool.  The larger the Hp of the wall mounted unit is, the greater the cooling capacity in can give. Seal gaps between the wall.  When your air conditioner is ready to use, seal gaps found within the wall and your unit, through weather stripping.  This prevents cool air from escaping the room.

Keep Your HVAC System Well Maintained

Once you have your cooling system in place, whether it’s wall mounted or central, be certain that you can take care of these too! Air Conditioning Tips Clean or change your air filters.  Once installed, make sure that you clean your filters, in order to prevent dust and pollutants from accumulating. This should be done monthly or every other month.  When your air filter is blocked, the amount of air taken in will decrease, and your unit eats up more electricity just to cool your room.  You can dust your filter, wash it with water or vacuum it. Schedule professional cleaning regularly for your unit.  Since this is a bit intricate, leave the job to us!  We can replace your refrigerant, recharge your freon and clean your filters adequately. Ensure your vents are open and clean.  Some vents can be closed accidentally (if you attempt to clean them and forget about it) and never reopened.  If you feel it’s kinda hot in your place or a bit warm, check the vent first. Your electric fan can be a huge help!  When it becomes hotter during the summer, fans can help with the air circulation in the room.  It works hand in hand with your air conditioning unit, to create a cooler place and to promote an even temperature.  That way, it’s less work for your A/C. Keep the heat out of your room.  As much as possible, your blinds, curtains or drapes can be such a big help!  Doing this will reflect heat away from your home.  It keeps your home cooler, and saves you energy. Do not let heat build up.  Most of our appliances can generate heat like LED TV’s, electronic devices, personal computers, lamps and more.  Try to place these away from where your air conditioning unit is located. Heating Care Since we provide total HVAC service, that means we also care for your heating system! Here are a few things you can do to make your heating units more effective: Close your damper.  When you’re not using your fireplace, close it.  It can pull warm air out of the house, through your chimney.  You can also add some glass doors in your home to trap in the heat. Turn off exhaust fans.  The heat in your home can also escape through these. Try not to use them during the winter. Get regular maintenance.  Like your air conditioning unit, your heating system also needs the upkeep.  Call us for a scheduled check up ASAP. Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.  If you’re using gas or oil for heating, make sure you have this. It’s a MUST to save your family’s lives.

What Our HVAC Technicians from Billings, MT Can Do For You

If you are experiencing persistent problems, make sure to call us immediately.   We can do the following:
  • Clean or replace your air filters
  • Remove debris from your compressor
  • Get rid of blockages in your grills
  • Repair your iced up A/C
  • Clean dirty coils
  • Reinstall your ductwork
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Perform regular tune ups
  • Conduct annual check ups
  • Inspect your gas system
  • Calibrate your thermostat
  • Clean your handlers and blowers
  • Check your connections and wiring
  • System diagnostics
  • Lubrication of motors
  • Fix loose connections
  • Check your airflow
  • Gauge electrical systems

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Remember, systems that are well maintained are twenty five percent MORE efficient (that means, you save more money and energy) that those that have not been checked or inspected. If your maintenance visit is way overdue, we can definitely assist you.  Our 24/7 contact center is available to take your call, we have operators on standby, and we can provide service to all residents and business owners in Montana.