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sink repairsIs there water bursting from that pipe you thought you could fix yourself? Is your toilet overflowing again… in the middle of a dinner party? Are you taking a cold shower because your water heater just up and quit? Plumbing emergencies disrupt our lives in the most inconvenient ways. If you’re experiencing one, you deserve a skilled expert from Laurel, Montana who will handle the problem professionally, competently, and most of all, immediately. If you’ve been hit with these types of issues in your home or business, you’ll be relieved to hear that you don’t need to wait for assistance. Our staff at Plumbers 911 has recruited and trained the most knowledgeable, efficient technicians and assures quick, excellent service. We know that in today’s market, there is plenty of competition for your business, but you won’t ever regret calling the us!

Why We Have the Best Group of Laurel Plumbing Contractors

24/7 Emergency Service – We take our job seriously. We will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But we do more than that. We respond to your call immediately, even in the middle of the night. While some companies advertise this type of service but merely schedule an appointment for the next business day, we hire and train personnel all throughout the state, so a qualified pro arrives within an hour of your call. We deliver real 24-hour service. Experts in the Field – All our journeymen have finished schooling and passed plumbing competency evaluations. Additionally, we oversee each tech in an initial trial-phase to deliver further job training in general plumbing and contracting. Plus, we specialize in different areas such as home remodels, residential and commercial contracting, and septic systems. We can deliver quality service no matter what your particular need. Competitive Prices – We have created a large network of experienced technicians and a system for distributing and sharing resources. This allows our company to reduce overhead and pass those savings on to you, our customer. We offer the lowest prices possible, and do so without forfeiting expert service. Your Safety is Our Priority – We know the dangers that working with tools and appliances presents. That’s why we take care to maintain a clean, safe working area. We respect your property and we always leave your home in the condition in which we found it. Plus, our contractors will check your system for wear and tear. They will make sure your system complies with local ordinances and that all appliances are installed safely. Our staff is trained to make safety a top priority when they enter a client’s home. Highly Skilled – Our men have perfected their craft. They use only the best, premium tools as well as high performance materials so that the work is always up to par. Our servicemen also minimize damage to your walls and floors by strategically cutting any holes that may be necessary to repair dry wall. We clean up so that your home is in the same or better condition than it was before we came. Risk Free – We are a local business with family values. We want you to feel comfortable inviting our technicians into your home or business. We adhere to strict security protocols that ensure your safety. Each of our contractors has passed a background check and drug screening. Trusted Pros – Whether it’s heating, cooling or finding out where leaks are coming from, we have a tech who can take care of your situation. We recommend regular maintenance and checkups so our technicians can provide you with water efficient and money saving tips to keep your pipes and fixtures in tip-top shape.

fixing pipesSave Water and Money with Leak Detection Services of Our Expert Contractors in Laurel, Montana

One of the most common service calls we get would be to find out where leaks are coming from. Sometimes, no matter how diligent we are about conserving water and using efficient appliances, our water bill continues to creep up each month. It is important to pay attention to increases in your utility costs; they can be a sign that there are problems with your water meter or with the plumbing in your home. Consistent high water bills could mean: • Malfunctioning meter • Leak in hardware such as faucets • Cracked pipe Our plumbers have the tools and the expertise to diagnose issues by examining your water meter. We can send a tech to your home, where he will ensure that your meter is working properly, locate any leaks in your home’s interior pipes, test for leaking or dripping appliances, and ensure that there is no flooding or water damage.

We can also make complimentary recommendations regarding:

• Pipe repair vs. replacement • Upgrading your plumbing material • Tricks for conserving water and saving energy • Signs that could mean leaking or broken pipes • Preventative treatments to guard against blockages and stoppages • Upgrading appliances, hardware, or fixtures We have the technology and the experience to locate and repair any leak, whether it’s coming from a faucet, or from a corroded pipe deep within your walls. Water leaks can be disastrous for your home and your wallet. Even slow leaks can damage property and do significant harm on your water bill. Some leaks are obvious and manifest as drips from faucets or as water running from the base of plumbing. But others could be invisible and still be costing you money.  Pinpointing a leak can save you time and money. We have leak detection services that can do just that.

Signs You Need to Call a Laurel Serviceman Right Away to Fix Your Hidden Leaks

• Your utility bill is steadily rising without significant changes in your water use • Continuous running water sound • Water meter elevates even when no water is being used • Odors coming from floors or walls near drains •Cracks in your foundation Our contractors have state-of-the-art electronic technology to search for and locate leaks within your home. Our company does not guess at the approximate location and then put holes in your walls to search for the precise location of a leak, as some other companies do. We can find your leak without destroying your property and then repair the exact point of the leak.  Remember, from leakages to remodeling, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call today!]]>