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Fire Sprinkler System MontanaMost people do not realize how often fire related incidents happen across the United States. However, according to the latest data, there are more than 1.2 million fires reported in the country in 2014. Half of the 1.2 million were structural fires. These fire incidents have caused almost 3,000 deaths, 13,000 injuries and $9.8 billion in property damage. Moreover, studies reveal that a home fire happens every second and one fire related death happens every two hours. There is no denying how daunting the statistics surrounding the propensity of fire is. Fires can happen to anyone no matter their age, sex, and socio-economic background. It can happen in the dead of night, in the light of day and anytime in between. The likelihood of fire starting and damaging life or property is so extremely immense that it is important to enforce safety precautions that would lessen the propensity for these incidents. Arguably, one of the most effective methods is setting up a fire sprinkler system.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are four types of fire sprinkler systems – Pre-action, Wet Pipe, Deluge, and Dry Pipe. Each type of fire sprinkler system is suitable for specific environments and locations. • Pre-action The Pre-action type of fire sprinkler systems are ideal for locations wherein sprinklers are only essential when there is an actual fire in the building. Libraries and computer centers would benefit most from a pre-action system since this type of fire safety precaution has enough safeguards to keep water from sprinkling inadvertently. The system has two triggers before the water starts to flow. It is filled with air and water is only allowed to pass through the moment the alarm passes through. • Dry Pipe Similar to the pre-action system, Dry pipe fire sprinklers use pressurized air in order to prevent the water from trickling out. This safeguard allows a minute of delay before water flows. The Dry pipe system is most ideal for building and houses located in colder regions. Since the pipes have pressurized air instead of vats of water, the pipes have a lower tendency to freeze over from the cold. • Wet Pipe Unlike the Dry Pipe, Water pipe fire sprinkler systems constantly have water inside them. Because this type of precaution already has a supply of water, reaction time following the smoke alarm is quick. Buildings and high-rises often use the wet pipe system. It is relatively more cost-effective than all other fire sprinkler systems. Also, they are easier to maintain. • Deluge Deluge fire sprinkler systems are similar to pre-action systems. However, the deluge is not equipped with pressurized air. Instead, they are connected to a water supply that is triggered all at once by a smoke detection alarm. This type of fire sprinkler system is best used for locations that have a high risk of fires.

Our Montana Plumbing Technicians Enforce the Importance of Fire Sprinklers

In order to determine the best type of fire sprinkler system for your property, it is best to consult with professionals us. We would be able to give you an in depth explanation for what system you need and what your property can benefit from. Like what was mentioned earlier, fires do not choose what or whom they destroy. It can happen to anyone at anytime and at any place.
Below are a few reasons why it is important to talk to professionals about setting up a fire sprinkler system: • Fire Sprinkler Systems are more cost effective than having firemen put out fires Many people assume that fire sprinkler systems waste water. They have a fear that it would go off with every minor smoke or false alarm. There is a vat of unused water inside some types of systems so this notion is not completely surprising. Unknown to many, a fire sprinkler system takes more or less 350 gallons to put out fire. Consequently, firemen use an average of 3,000 gallons in order to put out your run of the mill residential fire incident. • Fire Sprinkler Systems protect properties In 2014, fire incidents destroyed almost $10 billion worth of residential and commercial properties. Even if your entire family escapes unscathed, the amount above does not include how much it would take you to rebuild your lives. A fire sprinkler system of your choice would have you do away with the worry of getting your hard-earned property destroyed. Despite the security it provides, many people are apprehensive about getting sprinkler systems mainly because of the fear that it would go off and destroy their belongings. Nevertheless, if you choose to work with licensed and knowledgeable technicians like us, it is highly unlikely that the system would go off unexpectedly. • Fire sprinkler systems increase the value of a property Aside from generally protecting your home or investment property, a state of the art system increases the value of a house. According to statistics, people are most likely to purchase a home if it is equipped with a formidable fire sprinkler system. Like most, buyers are as concerned with the safety of their families. • Simply put, fire sprinkler systems save lives! Having your home equipped with a fire sprinkler system increases the survival of your family should a fire happen by 80%. It is an effective way to put out a fire since it is instantaneous. Moreover, the most lethal cause of fire is the smoke and heat. Sprinkler systems dramatically reduce smoke. It gives people inside the house on fire about 10 minutes worth of clean air to safely leave the premises unscathed. Fires do not choose their victims. It does not care how careful you have been with candles and electric sockets. It can strike at anytime and would destroy almost everything. Your families’ safety should be your number one priority. We at Plumbers 911 care about keeping you and your family safe from any risk of fire. Contact us now and learn more about your fire safety options. You can never be too careful.