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Preventive Maintenance of Medical Gas Piping by Plumbers 911 Montana

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Montana Medical Gas PipingThe effectiveness of patient treatment and care in hospitals and other medical facilities largely depends on the efficient and timely delivery of important gasses such as oxygen and medical air through medical gas piping. This piping system must be properly maintained by a professional in a network such as Plumbers 911 Montana to ensure that patients will get their required medical gas whenever they need it.

The Nature of Medical Gas

A hospital or a smaller healthcare facility like a dental clinic or a cosmetic center always requires a steady supply of medical gases that they use in caring for and treating patients. Aside from oxygen and medical air, these medical gases include carbon dioxide, nitrogen and nitrous oxide. Since these gases are especially procured, a hospital or a healthcare facility must ensure that it always has a steady supply of them to ensure proper treatment and care of its patients. In order to ensure the timely delivery of these gases to each patient that needs them, the gas piping system is usually monitored and controlled by different alarm systems, at the point of supply, and at their respective delivery areas. All of the equipment in the system is connected through different station outlets.  

The Importance of Medical Gas

Medical gases are the lifeline of a hospital. If a facility wants to be accredited, it has to have a medical gas system among other requirements. And to ensure efficient delivery of these gases, it must streamline its piping system. In this respect, it is wise to commission a professional plumber such as Plumbers 911 Montana to do the job. The service of this plumbing technician is very important since medical gases function as the backbone of a medical facility. Without these gases it would be impossible to operate a hospital. Medical gases are necessary for the efficient operation of vital care units and major sections of hospitals such as ICUs, HDUs, ORs and other high risk procedural sections.

Our Montana Plumbers Take Extreme Caution in Medical Gas Delivery

Proper distribution of medical gases is very vital to the operation of a hospital. The medical gas pipeline should be the safest and most effective way to deliver the needed medical gas from its supply source to the terminal unit of the patient. Some of the parameters in safe delivery of gases are the following: – Medical gas should be carefully handled because if not, it may be the venue by which nosocomial infections could enter the hospital premises. – Sizes of the delivery pipes used to channel the gas should have the right dimensions. – Gas delivery systems for operating rooms should be checked continuously since if there is any malfunction in the system, the life of patients could be endangered. The sources of the gas and its delivery pipeline should always be in tip-top condition. – The anesthesiologist must be sure that the two elements of supply and delivery are always adequate and that any supply line misconnection or medical gas depletion will be prevented. – The quality of gas being delivered to the patient must always be checked since it plays an important part in the recovery of patients. Medical gas should be free of any contaminants such as oil vapor, odor, solid particulate matters and other gases.

MT Medical Gas InstallationPreventive Maintenance Tips of Medical Gas Pipelines from Your Trusted Plumbing Experts in Montana

From the above descriptions, you can easily see that the piping system that is used to get and deliver medical gas plays a very crucial role in the operation of a hospital and related medical facilities. It is therefore crucial that a hospital should consider its upkeep and maintenance as a top priority activity. Because of its delicate nature, this system which uses gas under a certain pressure level is vulnerable to a particular set of possible failures. On the surface, these failures are often not apparent which even emphasizes the need for its regular preventive maintenance schedule. And here is where the professional services of a plumbing expert come in. Our tech can perform preventive maintenance services designed for hospital plumbing.

Some of the maintenance services he can provide are the following:

– Valve tightness and the right valve zoning – Flow rate and pressure checks at every terminal outlet – Pressure drop test to check if there is no leakage in the piping system – Check the performance of compressors, anesthetic gas scavenging systems and vacuum pumps – Check the mechanical operation of every terminal outlet and their non-interchangeability – Check the performance of the alarm system used by the pipelines and liquid medical oxygen – Check for cross connection using the anti-confusion test – Check the performance of compressors – Other related tasks that may affect the efficient operation of the medical gas pipelines Call Your Local Plumbers in Montana for Maintenance Medical gas pipelines, by virtue of their delicate nature, are not cheap. Therefore, it is important for hospitals and medical facilities to have a regular preventive maintenance schedule to ensure that the system will last for as long as it is necessary.

There are many important reasons why strict and regular maintenance schedule should be implemented.

Gas traveling through the pipeline could be contaminated by many things if the system is not properly maintained. Contaminated gas will jeopardize the health and lives of the patients that depend on them. Plumbing that is not well-maintained can deteriorate quickly, even if it is in a relatively sanitized environment. Replacing its broken parts will be costly since they are made of special types of materials. Replacing or even just repairing some parts of the plumbing system will mean downtime. The patients are forced to use other modes of delivery which could be more expensive to the hospital and to the patient as well. In other words, regular preventive maintenance of the medical gas piping system performed by our network of professionals from Plumbers 911 Montana will be more economical in the long run. Call us now for a quote.