Boiler and Furnace Replacement

Boiler and Furnace Replacement: Have it Done by Bridgewater Plumbing Experts Before Winter

Plumbers 911 Helping Homeowners with Their Heating Replacements

Boiler and Furnace Replacement Services | Bridgewater NJ Plumbing ServiceThe majority of the homes in the area are heated with their original boiler or a furnace heating system. Even with proper maintenance and yearly inspections these units will deteriorate with age. Getting prepared before the harsh weather hits is essential for all homeowners. Your local Plumbing 911 tech can go over your current heat unit with you to see if an upgrade and replacement is necessary to keep your home warm this winter and for years to come. Have your current heating unit diagnosed by the experts before winter moves in. We can handle any questions or concerns you may at the moment regarding your current heating system problem. Don’t wait too late in the season, beat the winter rush and be assured to keep your family warm and toasty.

How Efficient Is Your Current Heating System?

Your furnace or boiler is measured for efficiency by the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). Some of the older units may not have this measurement displayed, due to the fact that the age may not have qualified for the Federal Trade Commission to regulate the display of this information directly on the unit. Boiler and Furnace Replacement Services | Bridgewater NJ PlumbersThe AFUE is the ratio of annual heat output of your unit compared to the fossil fuel consumed by your system. This gives you a better idea when your system is running properly where you fall with being energy efficient. Meaning that there may be heat loss due to the ducting system and other air outlets in your home. Our experience heating technicians can easily explain the various measurements on your particular system and how you can improve your heat efficiency and lower your cost of use. Our techs are the experts, but you know the history of your boiler or furnace. This history will help make an appropriate determination regarding the need for a replacement or just repairs. Here are some signs that you may have boiler or furnace issues. Some of these you may have noticed, but may have thought they were not damaging. Any of these signs can not only cost you money but also could be harmful to you and your families’ health and need immediate attention by a certified technician.

Know the warning signs:

  • The age of your furnace or boiler plays an important part in how your unit performs.
  • If your home does not seem to be as warm as in the past.
  • You hear unusual noises coming from the unit that are new or louder.
  • Increase cost in the way you fuel your heating system.
  • Obvious leaks of water, gas, or heated air.
  • Energy bills are getting higher.
  • A lowered air flow coming from the vents.
  • Unusual odors that were not there previously.
  • Requires a continuous pilot light.
  • Heavy heat exchanger.
  • Small diameter flue pipe.
  • An increase in service calls and repairs over the last two years.
  • If your unit’s AFUE is 56% to 70%.
These are the major and easier to recognize signs that your heating system needs replacement. Further investigation by our professional heating techs can verify if you need an upgrade. It is important to never try to repair or replace your heating system yourself. Our specialized technicians have been certified and trained with years of experience and knowledge to service your unit safely. It is important not to continue to utilize an old outdated furnace or boiler, as there is a danger of fire or leaks of gases. Some homeowners ask why they can’t just retrofit their current unit. Well, that is best answered after an inspection is completed. With an in depth inspection your local contractor with Plumbers 911 can review the pros and cons of replacement or upgrades. The final decision is always yours. Besides the concern of safety you want your current system replaced to save on energy as a whole. Not just on your utility bills, but also the type of fuel the unit will use. Reviewing the changes in the cost of oil, natural gas, and electricity can be a big motivation for a complete new replacement.

Our Bridgewater Plumbing Experts are Highly Trained

All of our technicians are well trained and kept up to date on all the current products and parts. When consulting with our specialist you will find that our knowledge and experience will save you not only money but time as well. Don’t waste calling other companies, go to the best in Bridgewater NJ. We pride ourselves on referral business, so ask you friend, family and neighbors about us. Boiler and Furnace Replacement Services | Bridgewater NJ PlumberWe are sure to arrive ready to work and on time for each and every appointment. Our techs and trucks are always equipped and ready to finish your install to your complete satisfaction. Our systems and parts all have guarantees, as well as our own service work. Our teams work whenever needed, we have an emergency service 24 hours, 7 days a week. We are there for our customer, even for emergencies on weekends as well as holidays. All our plumbers are local to your area and can arrive on schedule and able to resolve your heating issue.

Choose Your Local Plumbers in Bridgewater NJ

Don’t choose a second rate company when you need boiler or furnace replacement. Not only are our products and parts warranted, but our work is also the most efficient and cost-effective in the area. Ask about our current customer reviews and you will not be disappointed. Customer satisfaction is what has always driven our company in the past and will continue into the future. Our courteous team always put you, our customer first. We recognize how important your heating issue is to you. Keep your family comfortable and warm this winter with a trusted heating system installed by the professional techs at Plumbers 911 New Jersey. Let us give you a proper assessment of your system and make the appropriate recommendations of a total upgrade or replacement of a boiler or furnace.