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Drain Cleaning Services | Bridgewater PlumbersEven with proper maintenance and care your drains may become clogged. Besides the odor, there is a horrible mess to deal with. Most clogged drains will eventually drain out, but there are those completely clogged drains that need our expertise drain cleaning services.

You have probably seen this event coming where your drain is completely clogged and you have tried the store bought chemicals to no avail. Some homeowners have resorted to using the snake and still no results. This is where your local plumbing tech steps in to relieve you of this messy situation. Depending where your clog is located in your house will give us an idea of what may be causing the issue. Most kitchen drains are due to food, but mostly due to grease being put down the drain. The bathrooms and particularly if the toilet is not draining properly may be due to toys or other things that children have flushed down. Additionally, the flushing of wipes and other non-toilet paper products are a major cause of your toilet clogging up. Most homeowners find that their clogs can be rectified with a simple service call. Very rarely will your clogged drain turn into a major project and expense.

Signs That Your Drain is Clogged

drain cleaning | bridgewater plumbersThe obvious sign is the water backing up out of the sink or it drains slowly. There are also other signs that homeowners may not take notice and be aware that there is an issue. If your toilet seems to bubble when you run your sink there may be drainage issues. Or if your toilet seems to want to overflow when flushing. Be sure not to let your toilet overflow by turning off the water inlet under the tank and/or quickly using the plunger to clear some of the drain to prevent a nasty overflow. Gurgling sounds from your tub or sink after running your dishwasher or washing machine. If you notice a bad odor coming from your kitchen sink or disposal is a sign of a possible clog.

Drain Cleaning Don’ts

  • Do Not Use drain cleaning liquids or gels in your drains, but especially on completely clogged drains. These are chemicals and they will just sit on top of the clog and can cause injury.
  • Do Not combine vinegar and hot water into the drain. This may temporarily clear the clog partially, but also when combining with other chemicals put down the drain in the past could harm your pipes in the future.
  • Do Not try snaking the drain yourself. Without the proper experience a person could harm themselves or destroy the plumbing completely.
The best suggestion and safest route is to have your clogged drain repaired by a reputable plumbing contractor.

Simple Drain Cleaning Steps

  • For slow drains you should be sure to use non-toxic drain cleaners. The standard drain cleaners consist of harsh chemicals that can burn or injure someone. This liquid is very bad for the environment and the water supply that it drains into.
  • Keep a plunger handy for slow working drains. Most households will have two on hand just to keep one for toilets only and the other for all other drains.
  • Run hot soapy water down the drain periodically to help clear out any grease residue and never put grease down your drain.
A clogged drain does not always mean that it is in your pipes within your house. In some instances, there may be more complications. This is when the problem is more in the pipe leading out to the main line. There could be a break in the line caused by age or even by a tree root growing in that section. This is definitely when our expert techs come on the scene to diagnose the exact cause of the problem. This is not a simple process, but usually is not the cause of most homeowners draining issues. Our well-trained technicians are up-to-date on all the latest drain cleaning products and equipment on the market. This helps us to assist our customers in a more expedient and safer fashion.

Why Our Customers Call Us for Licensed Plumbing in Bridgewater NJ

Dealing with clogged drains is a messy business and our customers have found it much easier to make a quick call to us rather than deal with the mess themselves. This is what we do and how we have been servicing our local customers for years. plumber at work | Bridgewater PlumbingWe offer flexible service calls to accommodate our customer’s schedule. Our plumbing techs are sure to arrive on time and fully equipped to resolve your drain problem. Our emergency service is available 24/7 and we even work on weekends and holidays when needed. Our customers are treated courteously and always kept in the loop of the steps that need to be taken on their service call and repair. We pride ourselves on fixing the problem the first time, so there is no need for a return visit on old issues. Pricing is another area where we excel with our fees and quality of work we provide. Our products and parts are warranted and our work is guaranteed.

Our Plumbing Contractors in Bridgewater are Fully Licensed and Trained

We have been servicing the New Jersey area for years now and have most of our new customers from referrals. Giving our customers 100% satisfaction is what keeps our customers calling us back for all their plumbing needs time and time again. When we pull up to your home we are well equipped with parts and products that may be needed to accomplish a successful end result and have you drains flowing free again. We always work with respect for our customers as well as their homes. Dealing with plumbing can be messy and our customers have come to rely on us to handle all their repairs and maintenance throughout their home. There is no reason to get frustrated with these matters when you have the experts locally waiting on your call. Get ahead of that nasty clogged drain by calling a Bridgewater plumbing expert like Plumbers 911 when the first sign appears.