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Gas Lines to AppliancesNatural gas is becoming a more and popular option for many homeowners. It’s a clean and affordable natural resource that can be considerably cheaper than electric. While the benefits of gas are apparent, most older homes are set up to accommodate for electric appliances. Our certified plumbing technicians can install gas lines in your home and connect them to a source provided by the natural gas company. Choosing a professional to install your gas lines is very important. We use corrugated steel pipes for gas lines because they bring the greatest benefit to you. These pipes have a low risk for leaks and are very flexible. This leads to less broken pipes and a safer distribution system for your home. Even with the advancement in pipes, you still need a professional to install them. Installing pipes incorrectly can put your home at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning as well as fire. Natural gas is highly flammable. Just a little spark can generate a lot of heat. This is great because when used properly, you’ll won’t have to use much to get the desired effect. Used improperly, an uncontrolled natural gas ignition can have fatal effects. Don’t risk the safety of your home and family and have a professional do it right the first time. Natural gas is also a very versatile form of energy and can be used for various appliances including:
  • Stove ranges
  • Grills
  • Water heaters
  • Pool heaters
  • Hot tub heaters
  • Ovens
  • Furnaces
  • Washers
  • Dryers
Those are just a few of the appliances that support natural gas.

Safety Tips From Your Local Syracuse Plumbers

While natural gas has many benefits, it is still very dangerous if not handled properly. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for when using natural gas. Gas leaks Carbon monoxide poisoning Gas leaks are usually caused by either improper installation, faulty appliances, or incidents by a person in the home. Gas leaks are very dangerous and you should be aware of the signs of a potential gas leak. They include the following:
  • You smell rotten eggs. Natural gas is naturally odorless, so gas companies add an odor additive to make it more noticeable.
  • You have dead plants near the gas line. When natural gas escapes from the line, it kills the plant life surrounding it. If you notice brown, dead plants near your pipeline, call a plumber immediately.
  • Hissing noises coming from appliances. When working properly, you should not be able to hear gas entering appliances for use. If you have a leak, you’ll be able to hear a hissing sound near your appliance. That’s the sound of gas escaping the pipe.
If you suspect a gas leak, shut off your gas immediately and exit your home. Call 911 first if you have injuries, then give us a call. We’ll be able to fix your gas leak and restore safety back to your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a potential danger with natural gas. When the gas burns, it creates carbon monoxide as a byproduct. Normally the carbon monoxide is carried out through the exhaust system and you’ll never know it’s there. However, there are certain factors that can release carbon monoxide into the air that you should know.
  • Pilot light is flickering. If you noticed the pilot light is flickering on your gas-powered appliances, you might have excessive carbon monoxide. This displaces the oxygen and doesn’t allow the light to burn fully.
  • Accumulation of soot around exhaust vent. This is caused by a backflow of carbon monoxide if there is an obstruction in the exhaust vent that isn’t allowing proper ventilation.
  • Excessive moisture build-up on walls and windows.
Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. Carbon monoxide, unlike natural gas, doesn’t have an odor additive. This means you won’t be able to detect it through smell. A properly functioning CO2 detector can save you precious time to get your family out of the house.

Gas Line Repairs Are Best Left To The Professionals

If you do encounter a gas leak, it’s important you don’t try to fix it yourself. An improper repair can actually damage the pipe more and release even more gas into your home. Our trained experts know each type of gas pipe and connector to make sure your gas leak is repaired properly. For installation, it’s also better to have a professional do it. Syracuse requires certain permits that must be filed in order to have natural gas in your home. As a Plumbers 911 customer, we’ll take care of that for you. No extra forms to fill out and we’ll make sure you get the right permits the first time. Our techs also install only the most efficient pipe patterns. With existing plumbing and other lines running underneath your floors, installing new gas lines can be a challenge. We make sure to inspect your existing pipework to ensure we can install an efficient gas line system for you to reach your appliances where you need them. Be sure to let your technician know what you plan to use natural gas for so they can help design the best gas pipe layout for you.

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We strive to be the best each and every day. We offer 24/7 emergency service for all of your gas line emergencies because we want to be there for you, regardless the size of the problem. Our technicians take pride in doing the job right the first time. We know nothing is more frustrating than having to have repeat visits for an issue that should have been fixed the first time around. At Plumbers 911, we have high standards for our contractors and invite you to see for yourself what sets us apart. Call us today for any installation of gas lines to your appliances and all of your natural gas, HVAC, and plumbing needs.