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toilet repair syracuse | toilet repair replacementYour toilet is something you use multiple times a day without a second thought until it doesn’t work. Several issues could cause your toilet to malfunction. Regardless of the issue, Plumbers 911 has trained and certified technicians that can handle any plumbing problem. Finding water around the toilet is a good indicator something is wrong. This should be addressed immediately as excess water can cause permanent floor damage. Start by trying to identify where the leak is coming from. Check all of the connecting parts first such as bolts, nuts, and pipes. Leaks that occur at these spots tend to be small, which is both a good and bad thing. The leak less water than a larger issue, but are also hard to detect. Check the toilet base as well. If the wax ring has been broken or there is a crack in the base, it needs to be replaced immediately. It will continue to leak until the base is replaced. Our skilled techs can install a new base quickly and efficiently. One tricky issue that tends to be a false alarm is condensation. During humid weather, the water going into the tank is quite a bit colder than the outside environment. If you find the outside of the tank “sweating”, it’s most likely condensation. Using proper ventilation can help reduce condensation and keep your floor dry.

Toilet Won’t Flush? Our Experienced Technicians Can Help!

If your toilet isn’t flushing, you need somebody there quick to fix the issue if you can’t fix it yourself. Our licensed plumbers have all the right tools and experience to fix the problem quickly. Before you call us, here are few things that cause a toilet not to flush and what you can do about it. Check the flush handle. Make sure it’s connected to flush lever, chain, and flapper. Any disconnection along this process will cause the toilet not to flush. Reattaching any loose ends will usually restore the toilet’s flushing ability. If they are all attached, they might be bent or broken. The flush lever is vulnerable to this over time. Take the tank lid off and take a quick look. If it looks bent or broken, give us a call and we can get a new one installed pronto. Pay attention to the connection between the flush lever and the chain. If the connection isn’t as strong as it should be, the chain won’t pull the flapper valve up enough to drain the bowl. This can occasionally be fixed by adjusting the chain’s position on the flush lever.

Slow-Filling Toilets Are Usually An Easy Fix

Is your toilet bowl filling too slowly? Check the water supply. Make sure it’s fully opened. If the valve is only partially opened, it will take much longer to fill the tank. Also, if there is too little water in the tank, the bowl will not fill either. If these options don’t fix it, check the flapper valve. Make sure it is installed properly and you have the correct model. If the flapper valve doesn’t seal completely, water will leak and the tank will have a hard time filling up.

Water Keep Running? Our Experts Can Quickly Diagnose The Issue

Do you wake up the middle of the night to the sound of the toilet running? Not only is the inconvenient, but can also run up quite the water bill. There are two things to check for if you hear your water running: the flapper and the flush valve. The most common cause is with the flapper. When the flapper doesn’t form a seal around the valve, water will continually run from the tank to the bowl. When this happens, the tank will constantly try to fill itself because it senses a low water level. If the water level drops significantly, it is usually an issue with the flush valve. Both matters should be addressed as soon as possible to reduce your water bill and end the sleepless nights.

DIY For Noisy Toilets

Sometimes your toilet is just noisy. Not from running water, but from random knocks and other sounds. Checking all the valves, bolts, and seals will go a long way in reducing noise. Make sure all are tight and working normally. In case they need to be replaced, you can find them pretty cheap and can be installed fairly easily following manufacturer’s instructions. In case of doubt, our friendly, experienced plumbing experts can cure a noisy toilet.

Try This For a Stuck Toilet Handle Before You Call A Plumber

If you find that your toilet handle is stuck or loose, take off the lid to the tank. Check out the mounting nut just inside the tank on the other side of the handle. Make sure it is tightened. Over time, lime can build up around the nut as well. Remove the handle and mounting nut and clean the lime with a toothbrush dipped in vinegar.

Toilet Emergencies Can Come At Any Time

Regardless of the issue, none is too big or small for our Syracuse plumbers. Our vast network of contractors is licensed, insured, and trained to handle any and every issue your toilet could come across. Even if you’re not sure what’s causing the problem, we know the best methods to find the problem as quick as possible and provide a solution. Our contractors are continually learning new methods and new tools to serve you and your plumbing needs. Even if you experience multiple problems at once, our extensive network allows a professional to be at your front door quickly, so you don’t have to waste your day waiting for us.

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If you suspect that there might be an issue with a toilet, don’t hesitate to give a call. We can inspect your toilets and make any recommendations that may be needed to ensure they keep working flawlessly.