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Our pipes can handle a lot of buildup. Hair, sediment, food particles, etc. You name it, it’s probably been through your pipes. While standard running water is usually pretty good at keeping your pipes clean, gunk tends to build up over time. Think of your pipes as the arteries in your own body. Your arteries are highly efficient at moving blood away from your heart. That is until fatty deposits build up and obstruct the flow and cause different heart diseases. Your pipes are similar. When too much builds up on the pipes, they can stop the flow completely or even burst. You might think new pipes are the only answer to fix this. In some cases, it is. We do have another option. With our jet wash line services, we can use a high-pressure jet washer to help clear some of the debris that has accumulated on the inside of the pipes.

Let Our Specialized Plumbing Experts Guide You

While places like your kitchen or bathroom drains might be the obvious place to use a jet wash, it’s usually not the most effective. A clean-out drain, which is an entry point somewhere within your plumbing system, is usually a place where debris builds up. Buildups frequently occur at these and it’s the best place to start the wash in most cases. Our jet washes don’t just wash the entry point though. They are designed to provide enough pressure to push through the internal workings of your plumbing as well. They actually powerful enough to dislodge roots that have made home within your pipes. They can even dislodge grease that has cooled within your pipes. Talk about power! Our skilled plumbing technicians know how to use the jet wash to maximize cleaning without damaging your pipes.

Can I Just Use A Drain Snake?

Drain snakes are a great temporary solution in a pinch, but the result is rarely permanent. Most of the time, drain snakes merely displace the debris to another place in the pipes. The regular flow of water will eventually push the debris back to the location where the clog initially occurred. With our jet wash system, our plumbing experts go through a step-by-step process to make sure that all of your pipes are clear. No guesswork, just results. When you schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, they’ll do a complete inspection of your sewer line with a camera attached to a snake. With that, they’ll be able to assess the condition of your pipes and check for blockages, cracked pipes, and faulty materials. After the initial inspection has been completed, our experienced techs will guide the special washer down where the clogs out and wash it out. After the wash has been completed, the tech will re-insert the camera back into the line to make sure the clog has been fully cleared. This ensures that your clog is flushed out completely and your pipes can perform at an optimal level.

Jet Wash Cleaning Clears Away More Than Just Clogs

The main reason we get calls for jet washes are those annoying clogs we all come across. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits. Yes, they clear the clogs, but also clean everything else in the pipes as well. That means buildup of grease, dirt, hair, mineral deposits, soaps, and detergents are all cleared away. You are left with squeaky clean pipes that can function as good as brand new pipes do. Furthermore, jet washes allow you to get to pipes that would be costly to clean otherwise. There is usually a line that runs either under your driveway or yard from the water meter to your home. Jet washes can help clean that line without having to dig up your yard or driveway to get to it. The wash also helps clear out bacteria that has settled in your pipes that you can’t see with the naked eye.

Jet Washes Are NOT A DIY Project

With the pros of jet washes far outweighing the cons, you may be tempted to do it yourself with a pressure washer. Without a proper inspection beforehand, you could actually end up causing more damage. If you have damaged or broken pipes, a high-pressure stream of water can actually further damage your pipes and cause extensive damage. With our extensive and thorough camera inspections, we make sure your pipes are strong enough to withstand the added pressure. If not, we can replace the weak pipes before we begin to ensure you don’t incur any additional damage and the jet wash can do what it does best by clearing out your pipes. We also have a variety of nozzle sizes that we have available to make sure your pipes get the most thorough and effective cleaning. A nozzle that’s too small won’t get your pipes fully cleaned, and a nozzle that’s too big can be too powerful for your pipes. Our professionals are trained on which sizes to use for the various pipes we use. Using a pressure washer instead with nozzles that aren’t made for pipes can cause disastrous results.

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