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KITCHEN AND BATHROOM REMODELING | KITCHEN AND BATHROOM REMODELING SyracuseLooking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Having the help of a professional can makes the process a lot easier and actually end up saving you money. While buying the necessary materials and doing it yourself may seem like the cheaper option, DIY projects rarely succeed on the first try. This holds especially true for complex plumbing tasks. All of our contracted plumbers have to meet a set of rigid requirements to even work with us. This includes hundreds of hours of training, clean drug tests, and no criminal background. Our plumbers live and work in the same neighborhoods you do, and that’s how we want you to feel with them. We want to feel like a skilled neighbor or friend is helping with a project. Safe and reliable. All of our plumbing technicians are also bonded, insured, and certified to ensure that you are only getting the best. No substitutions. When it comes to your kitchen and bath remodeling, we will only send one of our own that has completed extensive training in kitchen and bath remodeling. While we like to make sure our contractors have a wide skill set, we also want to make sure you have the most qualified person in your home for the job.

Helpful Tips From Your Local Plumbing Experts

To help things flow smoothly with your remodel, here a few tips you should know. Find your budget. Remodeling costs can range greatly depending on what you want to do. Replacing tiles in the bathroom has a lot lower price tag than a complete bathroom remodel. The same applies for kitchen remodels. Having a budget can help put things into perspective and won’t leave you with any surprises when the total cost is presented. Don’t replace your tiles unless you have to. Removing tiles is a very time-consuming process. This means labor costs can skyrocket and add quite a bit to the final total. If you don’t need them replaced, that’s a good amount of money that you can put toward other renovations. Lighting is one of the best investments you can make. Upgrading your lighting can completely change the aura of your bathroom. Adding a dimming light option can make for a more relaxing bath experience. You can also add more light to brighten up a dark bathroom. The price to value exchange is weighted greatly in your favor. Take measurements before hand. If you come to us with specific measurements of the appliances in your kitchen and/or the shower and toilet in your bathroom, it’ll give us a lot more accurate picture to work with. We’ll be able to make a better recommendation and provide a better picture on what your project will cost.KITCHEN AND BATHROOM REMODELING NY Expand your kitchen walkways. One of the most common complaints with kitchens is the lack of space. When remodeling your kitchen, keep this in mind. Plan for wider walkways in the beginning and you will be much happier with the end result. Consider who lives in the house. If you have kids, keep in mind the height of appliances in the kitchen. Keeping the stove and microwave slightly higher can be an extra safety measure for younger kids. Remember that doors open. I know this sounds simple, but a lot of homeowners don’t properly estimate the space needed for a bathroom or cabinet door to open. Leave ample space to make sure your doors aren’t hitting other doors or fixtures. Estimate the number of electrical outlets you’ll need. In the kitchen especially, we live in an age of appliances. There is an appliance that does every conceivable action. Figure out how many appliances you have on the counter and use on a regular basis. Plan accordingly with this and it’ll make the end result of your remodel much more enjoyable.

How Should I Plan On Spending?

Depending on what you plan to change, the costs could vary quite a bit. Certain tasks such as removing tile aren’t too expensive for materials, but are extremely time-consuming and will cost extra for labor. For general remodels, here is a good estimate on what you can plan on spending according to your budget.
  • Cabinets account for about 40% of your budget. Cabinets, especially in the kitchen, require multiple sets to fill the space. Depending on the quality of the cabinets, this could even be a higher percentage.
  • Labor costs about 25% of your budget. This doesn’t include time-consuming task such as tile removal.
  • 10-15% should go to countertops. They take up comparable space to cabinets, but aren’t as complex.
  • Random items such as appliances, plumbing, and electrical work, and lighting typically make up the remainder of the budget.
These will give you a good baseline on where to set your budget. If you have a set of cabinets you have your heart set on, you can recalculate your budget with these percentages to give you a more accurate total.

We Know Plumbing Better Than Anybody In Town

All of the new cabinets and appliances won’t mean a thing if you have to move them due to poor gas line and plumbing installation. The experts at Plumbers 911 have years of training and have spent time perfecting their craft. After talking with one of our technicians about your remodeling plan, they’ll be able to give you an idea of the gas and plumbing needs of your new kitchen and bathroom. All of our plumbers are extremely professional and will always be honest with you. We know the key to customer satisfaction and retention is a positive experience. We promise to give you the best prices possible and not a penny more. We probably won’t be the cheapest option in town, but I can promise you we’ll be the best. This will save you a lot of money down the road. If you’re ready to start your kitchen and bath remodeling project, give Plumbers 911 a call today.