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TOTAL PLUMBING REPIPE NY | TOTAL PLUMBING REPIPE SYRACUSENo matter how well you take care of your pipes, nothing lasts forever. Leaks occur, pipes corrode and break down, and materials deteriorate. There’s just no getting around it. Pipes and fittings will wear down over time to a point where a simple repair no longer makes sense. When that time comes, a complete plumbing repipe is in order. A total plumbing repipe can eliminate the leaky pipes, the obstructions, and all the water pressure problems you are having. Before you head to the hardware store and start stocking up, think about calling a certified plumbing professional at Plumbers 911 first. Attempting a total plumbing repipe on your own can lead to disastrous effects. Even if you can figure out the complex maze of pipes that flow throughout your home to provide water to all areas of your home, the smallest error can cause obstructions, leaks, and more. It’d be no more efficient than your old system. Let us handle the dirty work and you can enjoy the benefits of your new system.

Do I Need A Total Plumbing Repipe?

The age of your house will be a big factor in determining whether you need a total repipe. If you’ve lived there for more than ten years, there’s a chance that a repipe might be your best option, especially if you had an increased number of repairs in the past. Scheduling an annual checkup can help prevent problems that accelerate the aging of your pipes as well, which will delay the amount of time needed before you absolutely need a repipe. There are a few other signs to check for that will give you a good idea as well.
  • Signs of corrosion. If you start to see flaking, rust formation, discoloration, bumps, or any other form of corrosion, it might be time for a repipe. These are signs of very worn pipes that could burst or break at any time.
  • Frequent leaks. If you find that you’ve had to have several leaks repaired recently, look into a total plumbing repipe. This is a sign that your pipes are at the end of the road and the repairs will come more frequently if you continue just to have them patched up.
  • Random leaks. It’s normal to have the random leak from time to time. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. When they do happen, they are typically around the same spots. When you start to have leaks that seem completely random throughout your entire home, it’s time for new pipes.

What Type of Pipes Will You Install?

We use a variety of pipes that are best suited for your home. Our plumbing experts have extensive knowledge on all of them and which ones will work best for your home. Some of the pipes we use include:
  • PVC pipes. PVC, or PolyVinyl Chloride pipes, are the most commonly used pipes today. They are extremely durable and versatile. They can be used on everything from drains to vents and are easy to combine. This makes them the ideal pipe because they can be made to any size without much hassle.
  • Copper pipes. Copper pipes are primarily used for the main water line coming into your home. They are excellent for carrying hot and cold water and do not rust easily. The main drawback of copper pipes is their exposure to the elements. In times of extreme cold, they can burst if they are frozen leading to a plumbing emergency. Our 24/7 emergency services handle problems like this anytime of the day. Whenever it happens, we’ll be there.
  • PEX tubes. PEX tubes, or polyethylene, or quickly becoming an improvement to copper pipes. They work great for transporting both hot and cold water, but are also able to expand and contract with the weather without causing damage to the pipes. This greatly reduces the chance of a burst pipe when you least expect it.
  • Cast iron pipes. Cast iron pipes are typically found in community buildings and older homes. While not as efficient as some of the newer material, they can withstand corrosion and last a long time.

Does Repiping Make A Mess?

repiping services syracuseRepiping doesn’t make a permanent mess. We do have to cut into your drywall though, and it can get rather messy. Before we start anything, we make sure to cover all of your personal belongings with protective covering to make sure you don’t incur any damages. We only cut into the drywall where it’s absolutely needed. The entire repipe usually only take a day, but we come back for another day or two to repair the drywall. At the end of every day, we make sure to completely clean up and make sure you have clean, running water. Staying in a hotel isn’t necessary. We don’t intend on putting you out any more than we have to. When the repipe is finished, you might have funny smelling water for the first week or two. This is just the process of the pipes being worn in. It is completely harmless and will go away on its own. If you have an ice maker, we also recommend you throw out the first couple of bins as well to get rid of funny-tasting ice cubes.

Call Us With Any Questions About Plumbing

While it may sound like you need a total plumbing repipe, it’s not always needed. The best resource you can use is our licensed technicians. They have gone through hundreds of hours of training to be able to provide both the highest quality services and recommendations. Through our extensive network of professionals, we can have an expert at your front door ready to answer any questions you may have. They can answer questions on piping, repairs, clogs, and anything else plumbing-related. We hire only the best and we challenge you to find out for yourself. If you feel you might need a total plumbing repipe or having questions concerning one, don’t hesitate to call. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet all of your plumbing needs and concerns.