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20 Nov

Properly maintaining your outdoor kitchen

Now that you have an outdoor kitchen, you will want to maintain it, so that it remains in good working condition.

There are many things that you can do as the seasons change to ensure when the weather breaks, you can get back to enjoying your outdoor kitchen just as you did when it was first installed.

The first and most important maintenance any homeowner can perform on an outdoor kitchen is to keep all surfaces clean. As the name may suggest, an outdoor kitchen is constantly exposed to the elements, where it can become covered with dirt and grime as time goes by. Although outdoor kitchen materials are built to withstand the elements, they still require a cleaning. After all, who wants to eat in a dirty kitchen? 

Besides cleaning your kitchen, be sure to treat all outdoor plumbing appliances with just as much care, if not more, than your indoor plumbing appliances. The major fluctuation in temperature may cause your pipes to freeze, leading to your plumbing appliances malfunctioning. Due to the potential for cold temperatures, pipes should be drained if temperatures are expected to go below freezing.

Since many stoves use natural gas, there is some maintenance, which should be performed to keep your gas lines clean. Winter weather can cause corrosion of gas lines, eventually leading to leaks. Since natural gas is flammable, it is important that gas lines and connections are inspected for leaks or cracks. 

There are also some simpler maintenance tasks, which can extend the life of your outdoor kitchen. The easiest thing is cover your outdoor kitchen when weather becomes inclement. Covering your outdoor kitchen will help prevent debris, such as leaves, from getting caught in your drains.

Remember, an outdoor kitchen is an investment you want to be able to take advantage of when the weather is nice. Proper and frequent maintenance will help you and your family enjoy your outdoor kitchen for years to come.

When you need maintenance, no matter if it is just a cleaning or addition on more components, Plumbers 911 can refer you to a contractor in your area that can get the job done.