Frozen and Broken Pipes

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Frozen Broken Pipes | Tennessee PlumbersPipes get frozen during the cold winter months. If left unheated or uninsulated, they can cause quite a problem, causing blockages in the flow of water and breakages in your piping system. The undue pressure at one end is caused when blockages occur. It won’t be pretty when you come home from a winter break elsewhere and see a flooded basement or angry tenants from your building. Not to mention the insurance costs. Water always seeks its own level, and you will be surprised at the real and lasting damage it can do when left unattended. Ideally, you are covered by insurance, of course.
Plumbing systems are intricate systems and need much love and care, just as human beings do. Just like in any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing system, wear and tear and breakages will happen. Only licensed and experienced plumbing and HVAC professionals can really know how to deal with such problems. Fortunately, you have at your fingertips access to Plumbers 911 – a whole network of highly-capable and responsible plumbers, technicians, and contractors serving your neighborhood. You will be pleased to know our network of plumbing professionals have over 10,000 hours of training backing up their expertise. We only work with the best in your area.

Call Our Tennessee Plumbers Immediately When the Water doesn’t Run

Despite Tennessee having relatively mild winters, homeowners and business owners still encounter water that doesn’t run. You open your faucet, and there is no water. Obviously, there is some blockage somewhere. And if it is winter season, uninsulated or unheated pipes – especially those outdoors or in basements and other cold areas – are susceptible to frozen or broken tubes. This can cause quite a problem for you as a homeowner or business owner. Water molecules expand in uninsulated tubing in cold, damp places during winter. That’s when the problems start. The water freezes, turns to ice, and then blocks one end of the water flow. As such, extra care is needed before the onset of winter for the protection of your property, especially those of your loved ones. May we all attend to this face before the problem escalates. Usually, one thing leads to another and this is the best time to call upon us. We are here to help you with your plumbing concerns. We have a whole fleet of responsible workers and contractors who can help you and educate you about your plumbing concerns.

The Next Best Step

Frozen Broken Pipes | Tennessee Plumbing ServiceWhen the water won’t run, and it happens to be winter, you must call Plumbers 911. Why? Because there may be a larger problem to what seems to be only on the surface – being unable to let water flow through your tap. Ice could have accumulated from some unidentifiable pipe; thus, stopping the flow of water. This could cause unnecessary strain on the pipes and the fixtures and could burst the tube and flood your home or building. We are your emergency measure for such unsavory events. Only a licensed professional from our network could determine the root cause of such blockage or breakage. Under no circumstances must you take hold of the situation by and for yourself, for there could be serious consequences with regards to electrical and mechanical systems. This is our area of expertise, and we are here to help you identify the problem and offer the most immediate solution. Call us, and we will send our available technician or contractor to your area to assess the situation in the fastest time possible, after having heard your concerns.

Tips from Our Expert Plumbers in Preventing Frozen or Broken Pipes

Although we are purposely here to help you fix such tubes and other plumbing and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) problems, we are also here to coach you on preventive measures. Prevention is really the key to long-term safety, and we would be most happy to guide you more on how to care for the plumbing system of your homes and buildings by calling on us periodically. We would especially rest well, knowing you are safe and happy where you are. Please allow us to help you that way. Here are some good, practical, preventive measures:
  • Heat or insulate the pipes. We are here to do that for you as well. We will know exactly which ducts need proper and thorough insulation and protection, based on where you live and on the particular climate or weather where you are. We are trained to determine such.
  • Keep the complete set of floor plans of your house or building. That will help us trace and identify the problems you have with your plumbing, heating, or cooling system. All these mechanical processes work as one. We have to get to the core of the problem.
  • Call on us to double-check your plumbing and HVAC systems before you go on an extended trip or vacation. There is nothing like coming back peacefully to your home or building, knowing all is in place and no problems await you.
  • Insure your property for potential cases of flooding or damage to property. We never really know when that pipe may break or burst and flood your ar
Things happen even in the best possible circumstances. You really never know. Above all, we caution you against taking measures to repair such problems yourself. Please always call on the plumbing experts – we are those licensed experts. We are most competent in handling emergency plumbing. Based on your call, we will assess the situation and tell you what immediate measures you need to take. And as soon as possible, we will send our best-licensed plumbers, technicians, or contractors to that area where you are and have them look into the situation themselves. Please be assured we only work with the best professionals in your area. We give our very best each time and are here for your utmost safety and your convenience. Please call us whenever you have plumbing concerns, no matter how simple it may be. We would be most happy to serve you to the best of our capability at all times. You now know whom to call in plumbing emergencies. Merely connect with your Licensed 24/7 Tennessee Plumber immediately if plumbing problems arise. That’s what Plumbers 911 is here for.