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Butte septic tank installationWhen pipes burst or toilets get clogged, you shouldn’t have to wait for service. You need help at once, not tomorrow, not after the holidays…  but right now. Here at Plumbers 911, we have a network of experienced contractors in Nederland, Texas, available anytime of the day. We have a number of operators ready to attend to your concern — and we take every call as an emergency! No job is too big or small for our fully trained team of contractors, who are always equipped with the latest technology. From your kitchen to your bathroom, residential or commercial, we’ve got the right person for you! We know that the plumbing needs of every region in the US vary based on local factors, like the quality of water, weather and the climate. We understand the common problems Nederland residents encounter, and since our techs are from the area, we know the ins and outs of the system. Our pros can offer the best solution to fix your leaks, or provide the best replacement for your broken fixture.

Why Choose Our Professional Nederland Plumbing Experts

  • All our employees are given thorough background checks so you and your family can feel safe
  • Our reliable plumbers have a wide array of skills in every aspect of the trade
  • We use up-to-date, high end equipment for our service calls, all of the materials and equipment we use is as top-of-the-line as it gets
  • You can be sure that the work performed on your home will be of uncompromising quality
  • Our journeymen arrive in clean uniforms and branded service vans
  • With over 10,000 hours of training, our technicians have up-to-the-minute knowledge of new techniques
  • We have operators on standby, twenty four hours a day, anytime of the week,  (even on Thanksgiving and Christmas) ready to take your call
  • We usually dispatch our technicians within the hour, so you get quick service
  • Our rates our competitive and reasonable
  • We are committed to offering some of the best prices around, so you don’t have to worry about choosing between low cost and high quality
  • We provide extensive repair from gas systems to drain jetting, including remodeling and new construction
  • We can maintain your system, install new fixtures or replace old ones
  • Our quick and efficient techs are honest, dedicated and hard working
  • We have a large library of testimonials from prior customers to set your mind at ease that you’re choosing the best in the business, and the best in Nederland

Our Commercial and Residential Services Include:

  • Clogged drains
  • Sinks not draining well
  • Washing machine hose leaks
  • Leaking faucets
  • Burst pipes or frozen pipes
  • Toilet stoppages and clogs
  • Broken fixtures
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Gas system installation
  • Water heater replacement, installation and repair
  • Camera sewer inspection
  • Backflow prevention assembly, testing and installation
  • Remodeling of your kitchen and bathroom
  • Total repiping or plumbing
  • Detection of leaks
  • Medical gas piping
  • Drain and sewer jetting
  • New Construction
  • Sump pump repair
  • Grease traps

Five Common Plumbing Problems Residents of Nederland, TX Encounter

We all know that problems may arise anytime. This is why proper maintenance is a must. Having regular checkups and replacing damaged fixtures can save you time and $$$. Here are the top plumbing emergencies our Nederland experts usually encounter. Keep an eye for any of these. You may attempt to fix them yourself , but it’s best to leave things to us so we can handle them efficiently. backflow installation NederlandClogged sink – The first sign would be a slow draining sink. You may ignore it initially, but the condition can worsen when water flow stops completely. Imagine this: a sink full of dirty plates, oil, sauce and gunk = NOT a good sight. Trying to use a plunger may or may not work. After a few attempts of doing things yourself without any improvement, it’s time to give us a call. If you don’t act quickly, you might end up with foul smelling water and a sink full of bacteria. Contact us today so we can work on that stubborn clog! Toilet stoppages – If you notice your toilet making strange noises, leaking or not flushing at all — call us immediately! You may be wasting a lot of water, and we can sense a very MESSY overflow brewing anytime. If left unattended, this can also cause raw sewage backups that could eventually lead to health hazards! Don’t take this risk. You can easily get in touch with us anytime of the day. Don’t put this on hold, because we sure won’t. Water heater that leaks or rusty water – A heat valve can easily be replaced if your heater has a leak, unless of course the heater wall is not rusted. If you notice rust water coming from your unit, it may be a sign that you need a new unit. Call us so we can take a look, pinpoint the exact problem and work on a quick solution. Burst / broken water lines and pipes – Frozen pipes can burst, caused by the freeze-thaw cycle. This could lead to complete pipe replacement, so call us if you think your lines are in trouble so we could check it out. Tree roots and poorly aimed shovels can cause your water lines to break as well.  If you notice your yard getting soggy and if you experience poor water pressure, our skilled pros can inspect your property and fix the leak. Sewer system backup – If you encounter multiple clogs, bad odor coming from your drains, toilets that are gurgling and water pooling around your basement floor drain, then you might have a sewer backup. There is no recommended DIY step for this, except to pick up the phone and call us immediately. Don’t wait for any plumbing problems to get worse. Regular maintenance is the key to save you time, money and resources. Have your pipes and systems inspected by our team of proficient technicians as soon as possible. We can get the job done right for you!]]>