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Grease Traps and Septic System | Texas Septic PlumberEstablishments such as restaurants and other food services, commercial laundromats, and car washes are all required by local laws to install a grease trap in their vicinity. Commonly, businesses that throw out harmful wastes down the sewage system are required to install some form of waste interceptor because of sanitation, health and safety reasons, along with environmental preservation.

Grease traps are basically plumbing fixtures that are needed to trap grime from flowing with water. They are passive devices that are often employed by businesses and municipalities and stops fat, oil, grease, and other debris from penetrating the sanitary sewage system. As grease and other like-materials can cause a myriad of problems to exist, grease trap or grease interceptors can be helpful in preventing these elements from entering the sewage system and causing environmental and health damaging concerns. When you need to have grease trap installed, maintained, or repaired it is best to have a professional plumber to it for you so it works safely and effectively.

Grease Traps Can Only Be Installed, Maintained or Repaired Efficiently by Our Local Texas Plumbers

Grease traps are complicated mechanism that requires skills and knowledge to set up, repair, or maintain. Also, repair and maintenance can only be done effectively by our professional fixture specialists because they involve harmful wastes. Doing it on your own may not suffice especially if you do not know how to handle such device effectively. Additionally, DIY projects often involves just personal assumptions, it can cause the unit to be ineffective in trapping grease, fat, and other foreign materials. Also, trying to search for DIY projects and guides on the net do not equip you with the know-how to productively setup or clean such mechanism.
Grease interceptors commonly accumulate wastewater from contributory sources like your dishwasher, sinks, and floor drains, it has to be carefully aligned with the plumbing setup. When one of these elements is not precisely done, it would render your grease trap device to be useless. Cleaning and maintenance can also be hard because it involves compartments that need to be cleared up. Doing it on your own can potentially lead to other problems that can damage the unit, making it ineffective. Our skilled plumbers can work efficiently with your grease trap because they have the skill and experience when installing and maintaining such equipment. What this means is, you never have to worry about setting it up or cleaning it on your own. Additionally, this saves you from the frustration of not knowing how to correctly install, repair, or maintain such mechanism.

Common Problems of Grease Traps Requiring Immediate Attention from Reliable Texas Plumbing Experts

Grease Trap Services TexasThere are several different problems that can prevent a grease trap from functioning at optimum levels. And they can be fixed by our skilled resident plumbers who are knowledgeable and highly experiences with grease recovery devices. Some of the common problems you might encounter with your plumbing fixture that need the immediate attention of our local Texas plumbing engineers include: Crossover clogs One of the main issues you might encounter with your grease traps is a clogged crossover. When the crossover pipe is congested, the water level in the first compartment is too high and the water level in the second compartment is normal causing the fluids to overflow. When this happens, doing it on your own could potentially magnify the problem and lead your grease traps useless. Getting the help of our licensed plumbers can loosen the clog and drain the fixture of excess water. Clogged outgoing line When a clog happens in the outgoing line of the grease trap interceptor, the grease trap will spill with FOGs in both compartments. The clog in the outgoing line can be severe and hinder the optimum operations of the grease trap. One major cause of the problem is not draining the wastes during the maintenance routine. If the outgoing clogs of your grease trap are clogged, it can be best to have it checked by one of our plumbing technicians. They can effectively siphon the clogged waste buildup so you can use the plumbing fixture more productively. Clogged incoming line When the incoming line of your grease trap is clogged, it can block the main drainage pipe causing a water backup. When this happens the grease trap will not function properly and can lead to some serious problems. Our professional fixture specialists can diagnose the problem and fix the problem right away. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable about grease trap maintenance. Grease trap is full Additionally, when the fixture does not function properly, it might be that the compartments are full. When there is too much grease build up, it could lead to various other problems such as a congested incoming and outgoing line. This could easily be identified by plunging a stick down the grease cap. However, it is never advisable to fix things for yourself as a grease trap can delicate equipment. Calling our local specialists can help to get rid of the problem easily and effectively.

Grease Trap Cleaning Can Only Be Completely Done By a Trained Plumbing Professional

When having your grease trap maintained, it is best to call the services of our local plumbing technicians. They can see to it that your fixture will run as smoothly as it can while at the same time providing you with the service you need. Our pros are skilled at maintaining, installing, and repairing plumbing fixtures like a grease trap and they are highly trained and skilled in providing such services. Additionally, as grease trap cleaning involves fat, oil, and grease, doing it on your own can sometimes not be sufficient enough. Having it done by professional plumbing specialists guarantees that your grease trap will be totally clean from dirt and grime. Our local handyman can also make sure that the compartments are totally cleaned from hard to remove grease and grime.