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Texas sump pumpYou will appreciate the value of a fully functioning sump pump if you are living in a home with a basement. This kind of pump that is used to eliminate accumulated water in the collecting sump basin is critical to preventing flooding and basement dampness. Keeping the sump pump in good condition is crucial to ensuring that you and your family are living conveniently and comfortably in your home.

What are the Problems that Our Texas Plumbing Pros Can Help You With?

While it is a given that sump pumps should be well-maintained in order to function effectively for a long time, some homeowners tend to ignore this basic requirement. Others, however, encounter unavoidable problems that cause the pump to malfunction. When you encounter sump pump-related troubles, it is for your own benefit to just call our specialists, at Plumbers 911, rather than attempt to fix it yourself. There is a great chance that the issue will worsen particularly if you don’t have the experience or you will merely rely on trial-and-error method during repair work.
Here are some of the more common sump pump problems that our team of technicians can assist you with:
  • Old Age. You cannot expect a pump that has been installed for almost a decade to work at its maximum capacity or even close to it. No matter how much you maintain the sump pump, it cannot avoid the normal wear and tear brought by years of being used.
  • Power failure. Sump pumps are powered by electricity and naturally the same will stop functioning when power is lost due to a power outage, accidental unplugging, or faulty circuit breakers. When this happens, the pump will cease to operate (extract water from the pit) which can lead to flooding.
  • Damaged or broken components. The float switch part of the pump is critical in ensuring that the machine will start functioning the moment the water in the pit reaches a certain level. So when it is broken or damaged the pump will not be able to carry out its purpose. Other components can also stop functioning due to overuse, low quality, or insufficient power.
  • Unsuitable pump. Sump pumps, whether residential or commercial, come in various sizes/ capacities. In order for the pump to function efficiently for a long time, it is important to make sure that its size or pumping capacity is appropriate for its intended purpose. Failure to do so can mean disaster or waste of energy, among others.
  • Faulty installation. A pump that has been installed improperly because of lack of experience or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions will not function properly. However, apart from not being able to operate as expected, a faulty installation will also lead to more serious complications.

What Happens When You Don’t Acquire Our Plumbing Service in Texas?

The moment you try to ignore the previously mentioned sump pump problems or fail to call for our services, there is a great chance that you will experience basement flooding especially after heavy rains or storms. Unfortunately, the consequences of flooding are much more serious than merely cleaning up or drying your wet items. Based on our experience, at Plumbers 911, our clients have suffered tremendously because of their inability to immediately address the problem with their basement pump. Some of the repercussions you may have to deal with when you commit the same mistake include the following
  • You need to spend money to repair or replace damaged appliances, furniture, and other basement items.
  • You need to exert energy and use valuable time to clean-up the mess.
  • Your basement will smell and the odor can reach every part of your house, making it quite unbearable to live.
  • The health of your entire family would be at risk since a damp basement would encourage the growth of molds and mildew, which are known to cause respiratory illnesses, allergies, and other diseases.
  • Ultimately, when you ignore the repair needs of your sump pump, the magnitude of the impact would be beyond the machine alone since it will affect you physically, mentally, emotionally, and even financially.

Why Should You Trust our Professional Plumbers in Texas?

sump pump repair service | Texas plumbing expertsThe consequences of ignoring or neglecting problematic sump pump are impactful, to say the least. The good news is that if you will trust our expert plumbers to do the repair for you, all negative results can be readily avoided. Your basement will stay dry and you can continue living without trouble. Here are the reasons why you should trust our plumbing services: Expertise. You can be assured that all our contractors have been trained and continuously training in order to deliver outstanding work. We believe that learning never stops and improvement is for life. Our mandatory continuous education ensures that our plumbers are up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in the plumbing industry. Professionalism. All our technicians are licensed and qualified to carry out the job. This means that they have successfully passed all state and industry requirements. They do not only have the years of experience to back up their work, they also have the official certifications to prove it! Safety and Reliability. Every member of our team has undergone strict background checking as well as regular drug testing so that you can welcome them into your home without worries. Customer Service. We are known for keeping all our clients contented and satisfied by providing excellent results. Every specialist in our team appreciates your value and works hard to place your benefits on top of everything else. Accessibility. Since you never know when you will need our help, we make sure that you have no trouble getting in touch with us. We can be accessed day and night (24/7), every day, including Sundays and holidays! The reasons explained above are the things that make all of us, at Plumbers 911, confident that we can meet and even exceed expectations of our clients. If you want a stress-free, high-quality, and professional service, make sure to call us today. We are always ready and available assist you, every hour of every day!