Plumbers 911 - Top 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel
28 Oct

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel

Are you tired of the look of your bathroom? Have you been looking around and cringing at what you see?

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and it should be a place where you can feel relaxed. If you can’t feel comfortable in you own bathroom, it’s time for a change.

When you’re planning your new bathroom, there are a number of things you’ll want consider in order to ensure that the finished product is both lovely and something that will work for your home for years to come.

Here are five things to consider before starting a bathroom remodel

1. Consider your budget

Before you get too far into the planning process, make sure you have a look at your budget and decide how much you’re willing to spend on your remodel. Be sure to leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses.

Cost Saving Tip: Keeping the same basic layout of your bathroom fixtures can help cut costs during a remodel.

2. Consider the space

If you have a smaller bathroom, it might feel like you don’t have a lot of choices for a redesign. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for bathroom fixtures, including ones that are designed for small-scale spaces. Choosing a compact toilet can help you make the most of your available space and make the room feel less cramped.

3. Consider going green

There are several changes you can make to your bathroom during a remodel to make it more eco-friendly. You can install a shower screen, which will last longer than shower curtains and has the advantage of being recyclable when it eventually comes time for it to be replaced. You can also install a low-flow model toilet to reduce your water waste. Look for models that are labelled high efficiency.

4. Consider doing a “full gut”

If you’re living in an older house, there could be a lot of hidden problems lurking in your home. Old and corroded plumbing can lead to leaks and costly water damage, something you definitely want to avoid. Pulling out all the bathroom fixtures and plumbing to start fresh might be a big job, but the end result will be a beautiful bathroom with zero problems that will add plenty of value to your home.

5. Consider your contractor

The quality of the plumbing work can make or break a bathroom remodel. Improperly installed water lines, drains or fixtures can lead to water damage and unforeseen costs. To ensure you end up with a bathroom that’s both beautiful and functional, make sure you hire an experienced professional plumber.

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