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10 Aug

What to do if I find a water stain on my ceiling

Have you noticed water stains on your ceiling directly below a bathroom? 

This is fairly common, as many homeowners have this problem. 

The appearance of water spots on your ceiling can be intimidating and may make you fear for the worst.

Take a deep breath and realize the problem may be something as small as a leak in a pipe, which needs to be repaired.

Possible sources of the water spots

There can be a number of causes of water stains on your ceiling.

  • Bad caulking
  • Shoddy plumbing work
  • Leaky pipes
  • Crumbling roof shingles
  • Clogged gutters
  • Leaky chimney

All of these potential problems can cause those ugly water stains, which can seem to appear out of nowhere.

If the stain is directly below a bathroom, chances are the stain developed because of shoddy plumbing work or a leak in one of your pipes.

Plumbers 911 can refer you to an expert, local plumber for a camera and sewer inspection. This inspection consists of a camera being pushed through your piping system, which can help identify leaks and cracks.

How do I get rid of water stains?

The first step in this process is to find out what is causing these stains. A camera and sewer inspection by a Plumbers 911 expert plumber may reveal a leaky or cracked pipe causing moisture to appear on your ceiling.

They can also examine sinks, toilets and showers to ensure those fixtures are not leaking and are properly caulked. 

If the issue is not plumbing related, you will likely have to call a roofing expert to stop the influx of water.

Once the water has been stopped at its source, it is time to fix the ceiling. 

Although the best way to remove ugly water stains is to contact a local restoration company to professionally remove or cover the stains, there are DIY solutions for this problem.

Soft or moldy drywall should be removed. 

If the stained area is dry, remove the drywall or plaster using a keyhole saw, replaced it with fresh material and prime and paint.

Old or dry stains may require less work. A dry stain can be bleach cleaned and painted over. When doing this method, be sure to look for cracks in your ceiling and repair them accordingly to prevent further damage.

Homeowners can purchase products available at home improvement stores to paint over stains and repair materials to make them appear untouched if scraping and painting is needed.

Again, before any measure is taken, it is best to contact Plumbers 911 to be referred to an expert local plumber for advice on what your next step should be. After all, if you paint over the stain and do not fix the problem, the stain will reappear and only get worse.