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10 Feb

Why beautiful bathroom remodels require quality plumbing contractors

The bathroom is a bit of a contradiction.

Some will argue that it’s the most important, personal room in any house — and yet it is often the most overlooked.

The importance of your home bathroom is obvious. It’s where you start and end your day. But the bathroom is not just functional — it’s also a personal space where you can decompress, meditate, escape the world, if only for a few moments.

That’s why bathroom remodeling is so popular these days. Plumbers 911 offers the following tips when you start to consider a bathroom remodel.


Do you have to move any plumbing fixtures?

First, figure out if your new plan requires moving the toilet or other plumbing fixtures.
If you do, your remodeling will cost more. Maybe it’s worth it, but if you want your bathroom remodel done quickly without maxing out the credit card, keep the same layout.


Bring your drain lines up to code

The last thing you want is a beautiful new bathroom with a sink and tub that clogs, backs up or overflows.

Determining if increasing the size of your drain lines is needed or required due to updated building codes is much easier if done during the remodeling process. It’s also worth the peace of mind knowing your system will handle any flow.

Think about flushing

If you plan to invest money to redo your bathroom, remember to choose a toilet that gets the job done. Any contractor will tell you there are important differences in models. Many modern toilets feature heated seats, built-in bidets, self-cleaning and better efficiency.

But the most critical aspect of a toilet is how well it flushes. Choose one with a Maximum Performance (MaP) testing score of 500 or higher. To learn more about Maximum Performance toilets, visit

Your bathroom depends on the quality of the plumber you choose

After all these decisions, the most important part of any bathroom remodel is the quality of the plumbing work.

Improperly installed water lines, faucets, drains, showers, bathtubs or toilets can lead to extensive water damage. Depending on the location of the bathroom, this could even damage the structural integrity of your home. Over time, an undetected leak can cause black mold growth, rotted drywall, as well as damaged subfloors, studs or joists.

It’s fair to say that a bathroom is mainly plumbing. In fact, It’s simply impossible to have a beautifully functioning bathroom without first hiring a trained and experienced professional plumber for the job.

Unlike many in this business, the contractors affiliated with Plumbers 911 have a proven track record of performing quality work, including the best trained and bonded plumbers in the business.

When you are ready to create the bathroom of your dreams, let Plumbers 911 connect you with our network of contractors.