Plumbers 911 - Annual Plumbing Maintenance
09 Jan

Why you should winterize your Sprinkler System

When the cold temperature sets in and the ground starts to freeze, we recommend winterizing your sprinkler system. Having it completed by Plumbers 911 professionals ensures it operates and functions to the best of the system’s ability, year in and year out. 

Every year, we suggest to turn off the sprinkler system and stop any additional water from entering the pipes. This can be done by turning off the water supply that goes to it. 

We also recommend blowing out the water that is sitting in the sprinkler system pipes by zone. Manually draining water can leave some to remain in your pipes, as a result they can expand and freeze. Blowing out all water continues to be the best method for preserving your system.

By investing in a lawn sprinkler system for your home, you are dedicating resources to the preserving and maintaining your lawn’s health long term. Plumbers 911 wants to ensure that your investment continues to work properly for years to come. This includes the proper installation and regular, seasonal maintenance of the sprinkler system. 

Manually removing water from your sprinkler and lawn systems can be accomplished on your own. To blowout all water and ensure it’s take care of properly, contact one of our professionals to handle it for you.