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21 Apr

4 reasons your septic tank leaks: When it’s time to call a plumber

Do you have standing puddles in your yard that smell like sewage? Does the grass grow greener near your septic tank? Is your yard a bit soggy, even though it hasn’t rained lately?

These are signs you’ve got a leaky septic tank, which is a serious problem. Here are four reasons why your septic tank is leaking and what to do about it.


1. Delayed maintenance

One of the most common reasons septic tanks develop leaks is they haven’t been maintained properly. You should have your septic tank professionally cleaned by a licensed plumber every three to five years. This removes solid waste build up that can clog your septic system. How often you need to clean the tank can vary, depending on the size of the tank and how much water you use. Ideally, you should pump out a 1,500 gallon tank for a four-person household every four years.


2. Damaged plumbing

Your septic system is made up of numerous plumbing pipes that connect to various components. Occasionally, these pipes can get damaged through regular wear and tear, corrosion or tree roots. In fact, tree roots will tend to grow toward the pipes because they are attracted by the water. Shifting ground such as earthquakes can also damage the pipes. You can also damage the pipes by driving over them. 

If you suspect damaged pipes may be the source of your plumbing leak, you’ll need to do a camera sewer inspection to examine the damage. The pipes will need to be replaced by a professional plumber.


3. Too many cleaning products

A septic tank holds waste water and solid matter while it is broken down. A special bacteria breaks down the solid deposits into effluent water. This liquid is further diluted into a drain field that safely filters the waste into the soil. Without this critical bacteria, the entire system does not function properly. Using too many cleaning products, such as bleach, can kill this bacteria. This will deteriorate your septic system, lead to build up and eventually cause it to leak.


4. Damaged baffle

A septic system contains baffles that direct the flow of wastewater through the tank and keep solids in the tank. Damaged baffles can cause the wastewater to escape the tank. It can also attract tree roots that will further damage your tank. 

You can detect a failing baffle ahead of time with regular maintenance from a professional plumber.


What to do if your septic tank leaks

If your septic tank is leaking, you’ll need to call a professional plumber like the licensed contractors affiliated with Plumbers 911. They can do a thorough survey to find out exactly what is going on. We can also clean out your septic tank so it continues to be operational.


Need septic tank inspection or cleaning? Call Plumbers 911!

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