Plumbers 911 - Plumbing Fixtures - 4 signs it’s time to upgrade your plumbing fixtures for a fresh look
08 Mar

4 signs it’s time to upgrade your plumbing fixtures for a fresh look

Due to humidity, bathrooms tend to be the hardest on plumbing and fixtures. Those old plumbing fixtures may be vintage, but not in a pretty way. Metal fixtures are particularly susceptible to rust. Older plumbing fixtures don’t just look terrible and rundown — they can also be dangerous to your health.

Is it time to replace your bathroom fixtures or plumbing? 

If you need to ask yourself this question, there is a good chance you already know the answer. Here are a few signs that it is time to upgrade your plumbing fixtures and give your bathroom a fresh, new look.


1. A leaky pipe becomes loose and cannot be tightened

Leaks will naturally happen. Call Plumbers 911 to find a professional plumbing contractor who can get that pipe tightened and stop the leak. (This will help you avoid a busted pipe leaking all over your bathroom floor if you decide to do it yourself.) But sometimes pipe connections cannot be tightened, and then you have a serious problem. The fixture is either stripped or completely rusted out. 

You can staunch a leak using duct tape in a pinch, but this is only a temporary solution. Eventually, you’ll need to hire a professional plumber to completely replace the pipe — the sooner, the better. If you wait too long, you could face a serious plumbing disaster. Plumbers 911 can refer a professional to fix a stripped out plumbing connection today!


2. You lose water pressure

A loss of water pressure in the middle of a hot shower isn’t just annoying — it’s a sign your pipes are corroding and need to be replaced. Pipes are often made of galvanized steel, which can degrade over time, causing the diameter to narrow. This will slow the flow of water. If you find yourself losing water pressure, call Plumbers 911 to schedule a pipe inspection.


3. Your plumbing fixtures look dingy or rusty

Mold and rust can accumulate around your plumbing fixtures and put them under considerable strain. Mold can be especially problematic in cracks and crevices around the pipes because they never properly dry out. It’s a sign your pipes are leaking and need to be replaced.

Rusted, dingy pipes look terrible and are prone to breakdown. Replace these pipes before they become a serious plumbing emergency. New pipes will improve water flow, improve the look of your bathroom and increase property value.


4. You want a beautiful bathroom

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, start with the plumbing fixtures. New faucets and sinks provide a refreshed look to your bathroom and improve the value of your home. You also save water by preventing leaks. If you want to feel better about the appearance of your bathroom, replacing the plumbing fixtures is the perfect solution. 


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