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24 Mar

Do you smell gas? What to do if you have a gas leak in your home

Over 62 million homes in the U.S. are heated with natural gas. It is one of the most affordable heating options, and historically has a better value than electricity as a source for heat. But it’s also extremely flammable. In fact, natural gas ignites about 4,000 structure fires every year in the U.S. 

Sometimes the seals on natural gas piping can wear out and corrode. If piping becomes damaged, gas can leak into a home and quickly catch fire. All it takes is a spark — turning on a light, operating a mobile phone or simple static electricity — to turn your house into an explosive fireball.

Natural gas leaks are serious business. Here are a few warning signs your house might have a gas leak, and what to do immediately if you smell gas in your home.

If your home does have a gas leak, you can call Plumbers 911 to be connected to a certified specialist who can fix gas leaks in a home. 


Signs of a gas leak in your home

Natural gas is odorless, but will often smell like rotten eggs due to a perfume added by the gas company to warn people of its presence. If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs in your home, leave the home immediately. This is the most obvious sign you have a gas leak.

You may also notice a hissing or whistling sound from the line itself. There may be clouds of dust or a white mist around the gas line. There may be bubbles in your water. You may notice the gas pipe or the ground around the gas pipe has been damaged. Dead houseplants are another warning sign of a gas leak.

You may suffer breathing problems, feel drowsy or lightheaded. You might experience nosebleeds, nausea or feel chest pains.


What to do if you have gas leak in your home

If you think you have a gas leak, evacuate the area immediately. Go to the house of a neighbor or relative.

Do not use a landline or mobile phone, which could cause a spark, before leaving. Avoid turning on any lights or the stove, which can also cause a spark. If a light is already on, leave it on. Do not touch any electrical device. Do not adjust the thermostat or appliance controls. Do not use the doorbell. 

Once you are in a safe location away from the gas, call 911.

After the fire department has arrived and safely turned the gas supply off, you’ll need to call a plumber to find and fix the gas leak.


Call Plumbers 911 to find a professional

Once you have had your gas safely turned off by the fire department, call Plumbers 911. Our expert plumbers can inspect and repair your gas lines to fix the leak. They can assess your current gas line and pipes and determine the best course of action to safely get everything running again.

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