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25 Nov

Boiler Heaters: What to know before turning on your heat

Heading into the winter season for most of the United States means many of the older homes will be turning on their boiler for heat. 

While boilers don’t actually boil water to operate, they do use steam (or boiled water) to deliver heat to different rooms in the house. In the more modern version of the boiler, they are using water and natural gas to provide heat. 

If you haven’t had your heat on since last winter, we recommend a yearly maintenance schedule. This is to have it inspected to ensure the system is working properly after not being used for several months. Sometimes, they stop working because pumps or electrical components stop working. Other times, boilers can fail because too much air is forced into the system. 

Yearly, you should consider having a performance test done on your boiler. This helps to tune-up your system and provide efficient operation of the system before heading into the winter season. 

When considering the yearly maintenance system check, be prepared to think about replacing the boiler. This is not a necessary task the first few years of your system, but after about 20 years of seasonal use. Having a properly running system is in your home’s best interest.

Replacing a home’s boiler can be a complicated system to install or maintain. We recommend contacting a Plumbers 911  certified technician through out trusted network to undergo this vital task.