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25 Nov

Outdoor Shower issues to consider before installing

Have you ever thought about having an outdoor shower?

Nothing sounds better than enjoying a shower outside on a hot summer day. Outdoor showers have been seen as a luxury for many years, as these are generally seen outside of beach houses or tropical areas, though it is not impossible to have one, elsewhere. Before you consider installing a shower outside of your home, you should take some time and consider these plumbing possibilities. 


A shower installation can be fairly simple, or a drawn-out project. This will depend on your desired location and whether the fixture is portable or permanent. 

The simplest of outdoor showers can be hooked up directly to a garden hose, attaching tubing and sturdy stainless steel shower head to the end of the hose.

Ideally, people will want a warm shower, needing a permanent wall-mount that should be located near a plumbing wall where there will be hot and cold water pipes. 


To refrain from breaking any local codes in your city, neighborhood or development, be sure to find out the regulations, prior to your shower installation. Some areas require drain pipes to be installed in order to carry out the wastewater. With proper drainage, you will be protecting the quality of groundwater as well as the city’s clean water supply. 

Working with a professional plumber will be in your best interest in successfully installing your outdoor shower, as this can become a complicated project.

Contact Plumbers 911 to help the completion of your outdoor shower

While there are many other aspects to consider prior to completing an outdoor shower installation, these are just a few. 

No matter what question or problem may arise during this house project, when you are looking to install an outdoor shower, be sure to call Plumbers 911. We will help direct you to a local plumbing contractor who will send professionals to meet all of your plumbing needs.