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25 Nov

Outdoor Shower: Is it right for you?

An outdoor shower may not be for everyone, but there are certainly benefits to it!

Most people who have a pool, are close to the beach, or partake in a number of outdoor activities, find outdoor showers beneficial to their lifestyle. Not only to their lifestyle, but an asset to their property because they can rinse off before heading inside. 

There is a variety of outdoor showers you can pick from, depending on size, budget and style. Where (or if!) you have outdoor plumbing, is also a factor when determining the best type of outdoor shower for you. Check out these types of outdoor showers and decided which best fits your need:

Portable: A portable outdoor shower is the simplest option. Of the three, it is the most budget friendly, if that is a concern. The best part about a portable outdoor shower is that you can easily relocate it. This is also the easiest setup, as you can set the shower up to a garden hose. 

Stand-Alone: Stand-Alone outdoor showers are generally built away from the house, which means it will require its own outdoor plumbing. Fortunately, these showers can be relocated, if you desire, but it is not necessary, as it will require a little more work to do so. 

Wall-Mounted: Wall-Mounted outdoor showers are a little more luxurious, compared to the others previously mentioned. This option is more of a permanent outdoor shower, as it will need to be hooked up to a wall that has hot and cold water pipes. A benefit of a wall-mounted outdoor shower is that you can build around your shower, for more of a private setting. 

If you are considering the pros and cons of a new outdoor shower, or what kind of shower you should install in your backyard, contact Plumbers 911 and we can refer you to a local plumber that will be able to answer any of your questions.